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Simple and Stylish

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My style has changed so many times since becoming a mother. In the beginning it was all about fitting into my post baby-wear clothing and trying to squeeze into jeans, then it was back to maternity-wear when I had my second, then the in between stage when nothing fit, and so on. Now, my week days are so packed with work meetings and events, I tend to dress on the dressier side, so when it comes to the weekends, it’s all about comfort, but stylish too. So when it comes to Mother’s Day, it should be a fun day to spend with the family and celebrate mom, and not to worry about uncomfortable dresses and high heels.

Simple and Stylish from Rafaella Simple and Stylish from Rafaella

Because we walk so much in New York, I am all about styles that are comfortable and take me from uptown to downtown to meetings and school pickups all in one day. The weather too tends to dictate my style choices. April weather is always so wonky and it is often too cold and dreary to break out the summer wardrobe. But, by the time Mother’s Day rolls around we get more consistent spring-like weather so I get excited to wear flow fabrics, sandals and light jackets for a laid back mom brunch.

Simple and Stylish from Rafaella Simple and Stylish from Rafaella

I recently discovered the brand, Rafaella, and found several lovely pieces for Spring. The key pieces from the Rafaella Spring 2017 collection are so good. As if you couldn’t tell, I am a huge fan of the boho-chic style. I love pairing interesting maxi skirts with simple tops and worn-in denim jackets. The maxi length is great for unpredictable temperatures because you’re not too exposed, yet it looks summery and light. I know this White Maxi Lace skirt from Rafaella will be my uniform all spring and summer season. And the cut-out Lace Denim Jacket is such a great staple, yet super fashionable! In fact, this outfit will probably be the one I wear on Mother’s Day!

Simple and Stylish from Rafaella Simple and Stylish from Rafaella Simple and Stylish from Rafaella

I am a little obsessed with this Off-The-Shoulder Peasant Top and white Supreme Stretch Comfort Fit Skiny Capri look too. Off-The-Shoulder is huge this spring/summer. This washed tencel one is much more wearable than most and I can definitely see this in my regular rotation with a simple skirt or leggings.

Simple and Stylish from Rafaella Simple and Stylish from Rafaella

Now let’s talk pants. They are always the hardest staple for me to find whether it be pants or denim. The White Supreme Stretch Caprisfrom Rafaella have a super comfortable— with pull on stretch fabric – and even have a pull-on elastic waistband. Rafaellais all about staying true to fashion that fits, flatters and inspires while helping women find what fits their body type, feeling fabulous and comfortable at the same time. Comfort is so key for me and my lifestyle right now, so I cannot tell you how incredible it’s been finding these perfect pieces for my wardrobe.

Simple and Stylish from RafaellaSimple and Stylish from Rafaella

The Rafaella Spring 2017 collection as well as their Weekend 2017 collection, workwear and Denim With BenefitsTM are available at these major retailers. Rafaella also sells intimates, which can be found online exclusively at Lord & Taylor. To view their collection and learn more, visit their website and Happy Mother’s Day!


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19 thoughts on “Simple and Stylish”

  1. Catherine Sargent

    I love both of the outfits. I need to check out the Rafaella collections, I need some outfits for summer.

  2. I really like that off the shoulder peasant top. The off the shoulder tops that are trendy this year are cute.

  3. Love love the skirt but especially love the white denim! On the hunt for some pieces post baby and will be checking them out!


  4. The photos and styles are great. My look has really changed a lot too since having kiddos (several times too, in fact).

  5. I am in awe over the The Rafaella Spring 2017 collection and the weekend edition too for that denim. Beautiful options for casual and dining out really if you think about it. Great clothing lines to share, appreciate some ideas for my summer attire!

  6. So gorgeous and so stylish. I love the outfits. I wear the same boring ole stuff over and over. Would love to add to my wardorbe with cute items like these!

  7. Those outfits are really nice but you can wear anything and look good. I am going to have to check out Rafaella because I love that long skirt.

  8. Michelle Waller

    I just love your Mother’s Day style! It looks so comfy and I couldn’t agree more! No reason to wear heels!

  9. Our Family World

    I love that off shoulder blue top and the peep toe mules. Your outfits are so spring! I will have to take a look at my closet. I may need a few pieces from Rafaella too.

  10. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I totally love your outfits. The one I like best is the blue top, cropped white jeans, peep toe mules and that beautiful hand bag with the colorful tassel design. Nice!

  11. I am more of a comfy dresser these days! I love these outfit ideas that you shared with us. So comfy and light, easy to wear especially if you’re going to be out the entire day.

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