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Revitalizing Your Bedroom

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Bringing harmony to my living space is important on so many levels. When my surroundings are cohesive, it clears my mind and gives me a feeling of zen. I have been so busy with the kids and work, that my apartment has definitely been getting neglected. That said, home improvements occasionally take a backseat. It’s been way too long since we last painted so the thought of transforming my bedroom had me excited. Simply painting your room a new color can completely alter your living space and make it feel like a whole new home.

It has been a while since my bedroom had an overhaul, seven years to be exact. The kids room and the playroom have had plenty of attention, but my space always gets put on the back burner. I can’t remember what my motivation was the last time I painted my bedroom, but lately, when I’ve entered the room, it’s felt in desperate need of a re-do.


Small Space Living: Bedroom Refresh


Small Space Living: Bedroom Refresh Small Space Living: Bedroom Refresh

In small spaces, it is essential for the room to flow and for colors to complement one another. The rooms are already small, so it is important that they feel harmonious. When evaluating my room and the overall space, I realized that the color combinations weren’t working well. Rather than flowing, there was stark contrast. I didn’t know where to start. I had a few of my friends over and ask them to tell me what they felt when they entered the room everyone had the same, “can’t put my finger on it,” feeling of discord or lack of oomph.

Small Space Living: Bedroom Refresh Small Space Living: Bedroom Refresh

Color: Balanced Beige

Enter HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams and their 2018 Color Collections of the Year. These four designer-inspired Color Collections are unique to HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams, with palettes of eight colors that work together in any combination, throughout your space. This Color Collection concept takes the guesswork out of selecting colors that work together to easily create a harmonious environment ,

Small Space Living: Bedroom Refresh

All I had to do was select a designer-inspired look from these different Color Collections like Future Thinker, with bold colors to stimulate the senses; or Thoughtful Living, with neutral colors to inspire rest and calm. I was instantly reassured looking at these collections, because they served as a guide or palette to select new upholstery, artwork and other coordinating decor for the room. My paint color selection, Balanced Beige (SW7037), is part of the Individual Mix Color Collection. Neutral is always safe for me, because it coordinates and blends with many other colors and styles. This really allows me to express my own style in the space.

Small Space Living: Bedroom Refresh

I picked up my HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams INFINITY paint at Lowe’s, along with all of the painting accessories needed to complete the paint job. The neutral wall color allow allowed me to pull in pops of color inspired by the rest of the Individual Mix Color Collection, like the gorgeous comforter I found with a hint of Cerise (SW6580) in it. And I love how the wall color highlights the boho macrame hanging over the bed. I’ve incorporated a desert vibe in the space with potted succulents, and multi colored cacti. And modern meets elegance with my new glass lamps. Thinking ahead, with a neutral wall, I can easily change up the look with accents and accessories in a variety of styles and colors taking inspiration from the Color Collection.

Small Space Living: Bedroom Refresh

I thought about making a few other shopping stops to buy a painting outfit—you know, cool overalls and a retro bandana but this is about my space not about my style…or is it? (wink).

Small Space Living: Bedroom Refresh Small Space Living: Bedroom RefreshSmall Space Living: Bedroom Refresh

I cannot tell you how excited I am with the final results! I felt invigorated! One of my girlfriends, who happens to be design-inspired, stopped over and was floored by the bedroom’s transformation. She loved the way the colors flowed together with a neutral base but pops of cerise and deep blues. I value her opinion and sense of style, so all my effort was vindicated.

Small Space Living: Bedroom Refresh

HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams and all of their inspiring Color Collections are available at Lowe’s. Bring the same harmony to your home, with #HGTVHOMEbySW.

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Small Space Living: Bedroom Refresh

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6 thoughts on “Revitalizing Your Bedroom”

  1. Allison Cooper

    Loving the transformation! It’s amazing what a little paint can do! I went crazy redecorating our entire apartment whenever I was pregnant with Blake, but before that, it was always on the back burner, too.

  2. Oh wow. It looks fantastic! I love how clean and lovely it is. Can you come redecorate my bedroom too?

  3. I am loving those pillows. What gorgeous colors you have chosen for your room. My bedroom could use a redo.

  4. Such a beautiful transformation. Loving the color and that decor is speaking to me. Love all the touches of greenery and that lamp is an absolute winner. I’m all about neutral walls and color in the accessories.

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