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Pump Inside Out

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We talk so much about breast milk being the perfect food for babies because it is specifically designed for their little growing bodies and promotes bonding between mother and child. But what we fail to realize as a culture and a society is how difficult it is to provide breastmilk by pumping, or the mom that solely pumps.

Willow Breast Pump Review

Most moms I have talked to, including myself when nursing my little ones, find pumping to be incredibly stressful because of all the nonsense that comes with pumping. We have to escape to a little room or office, partially undress, wrestle with cords and machines and flanges and bottles and bags…to pump. I remember the worst was when I was traveling away from my babies and had to pump, practically half of my suitcase was taking up with all my breast pump supplies.

Willow Breast Pump Review

But I’m happy to say things are changing and the new Willow Breast Pump is a total game changer for lactating moms who work or have super busy schedules because it is quiet, completely hands free and discreet! With the Willow you can be on a video conference call while you pump or express at your desk and actually be able to get things done!

Willow Breast Pump Review

The Willow is also perfect for busy moms because you can actually pump while you’re doing other things…real things, like getting your toddler ready for preschool drop-off and pureeing food for your baby. Let’s face it, moms never get to focus on just one thing and we are total masters of the multi-task—so why shouldn’t pumping be a part of that? Willow makes the whole pumping process more seamless and simple. You know I love making life easier!

Willow Breast Pump Review

Available in white or gray, the Willow pump will change the way you think about pumping. You do have to charge these puppies, but you plug them in like you do your phone. The package includes 24mm flanges (27mm are available separately), tubes and cleaning brushes, 24 disposable milk bags, carrying bags, charger, guide and instructions AND there is an app! (I love a helpful app.) It is surprisingly easy to assemble and clean.

Willow Breast Pump Review

The Willow sits on your breast (it is designed to work for different breast shapes) with an easy power button right on top of each cup. Willow quietly pumps and even senses your let-down and can automatically transitions into expression phase based on your body’s production and timing. All the while the app tells you what’s happening: milk volume, pumping time, past pumping sessions.

Willow Breast Pump Review

The Willow is basically a superhero for the pumping population. Undercover pumpers everywhere rejoice! The Willow will allow you to cut the cords literally, and be proud to pump!

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11 thoughts on “Pump Inside Out”

  1. I swear there’s an app for everything! I love this concept! Why shouldn’t pumping breast milk progress? I love that it’s hands-free, to allow one to do other tasks while providing mother’s milk for their little one. So awesome!

  2. Melissa Chapman

    I breast fed for a short period and I know it is a big daily undertaking so anything that makes it easier and more convenient is welcome. It is great to do the pumping on your time and have the milk ready for them with or without you.

  3. That is pure genius! The last time I had to pump, I was attached to a machine the size of a battery and two receptacles that were basically bottles with funnels attached.

  4. Danielle Smith

    How awesome is this! Nursing moms rejoice! I love this from the no-hands concept. No tubes, loud pump noises, and it has an APP!

  5. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    I just want to pinch that baby’s cheeks, so cute! I know next to nothing about pumping but can say this pump looks very small and sounds very convenient.

  6. Wow these are some innovative pumps doesnt even look like it! Good for no cords and I hope this is a more comfortable experience for moms.

  7. Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place

    I SO wish I had these when I had my boys. I can imagine how easier life must have been. I love the fact that these are compact and easy to use. Definitely a blessing for all new moms out there!

  8. Such a neat concept. Makes it easy and great for on the go. I remember the days with my backpack pump and cords, just a big hassle.

  9. Wow, that is really crazy to see, but so cool! I would have wanted a set when I was hooked up to 2132213 cords pumping with my 3.

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