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Protective Bubble Of Escape

Living in the city means that you don’t really drive much. When I was young and single living in the city I hardly drove. I remember that Sex and the City episode when they had to attend a party that required them to rent a car and drive outside of the city limits…they all sat in passenger seats and looked around wondering who would drive. Well, I am certainly not that bad but many of my native NYC friends don’t drive or have expired licenses. I grew up driving so I have plenty of experience and I like the freedom of my own wheels. I remember my first car and the feeling that anything or anywhere was possible.


When I first had Ryder I didn’t even think about a car. We would stroll all over the city and if we decamped to the Hamptons or my parents house, we would just borrow or rent a car. It seemed like such a luxury to own a car in the city. Well, now that I have three kids and we are constantly taking road trips, a car is a necessity. I remember the first time we finally got our own car right before Siella was born. In fact, we took Siella home from the hospital in that car. She was so tiny and adorable, I remember pulling up to our building and taking her up to our apartment.


I vividly remember the ride home from the hospital with both kids in tow. I remember looking at the back seat and seeing not just one but two carseats and thinking how lucky we were and how excited I was. Now when I look to the back seats and see three kids sitting there, I feel pretty lucky. We have made so many memories in our car. Our incredibly long and adventurous road trips to Vermont and Washington, DC. Our regular excursions to the Hamptons all year round. We practically live at the beach during the summer and sometimes I find little pockets of sand in the trunk crevices in the dead of winter and it actually puts a smile on face remembering those fun beach memories. Summer vacations are filled with spontaneous adventures, thanks to our car. We have such freedom with our car, I can’t imagine dragging three kids and all our stuff on a train to the beach or even on a bus to visit my parents. I feel like it is our protective little bubble of escape.


What I didn’t really think about when we bought a car was insurance. I just wanted to feel safe and protected no matter the situation we were in. You never know what can happen and it is important to be covered in the unlikely event that something should go wrong. There are so many options and some are definitely much better and more user-friendly than others. Esurance is probably the easiest way to get the information and protection you need. CoverageMyWay helps you make smarter choices about your insurance and you can have peace of mind knowing they have 24/7 customer service. Plus you can manage your policy from anywhere with Esurance mobile. Esurance offers different products depending on your needs: vehicle insurance, property insurance (whether you own or rent) and other insurances like life insurance and even pet insurance!


From quote to claim, Esurance is working to help make smarter, more efficient choices for your home and auto insurance. Using state-of-the-art technology, they offer seamless online and mobile experience along with intuitive tools that help take the hassle out of insurance.


What are some of your first car memories with your kids? Big road trips? What drives you and your family from adventure to adventure on the open road?

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9 thoughts on “Protective Bubble Of Escape”

  1. Robin Masshole Mommy

    I have seen commercials about Esurrance and it sounds great. We have USAA for our cars because my hubby is a vet and we get a discounted rate through them.

  2. Esurance sounds great and will really give you that peace of mind to focus on your family adventures! We just had our first baby and I think I need to look into Esurance!

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