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Pretty Woman: The Musical

This post is made possible by support from Pretty Woman: The Musical.

My sister has been my forever Broadway buddy for years now. Whenever I get the opportunity to see a new show on Broadway, she is always the first person I call. We usually make a night out of it too, with a fun dinner beforehand. A few weeks back she texted me, hey I really want to see the new Pretty Woman Musical, let’s get tickets. And funny enough, right in my inbox a few hours later was an email with two tickets to see Pretty Woman: The Musical.

Pretty Woman: The Broadway Musical | Stroller In The City

I’m sure most of you have seen the film. I mean the movie is so iconic, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, I was pretty psyched to hear that one of the most beloved romantic comedy films of all time is now a Broadway musical! Pretty Woman comes to the stage with a score by Grammy Award winner Bryan Adams and his longtime songwriting partner Jim Vallance. In fact, the music was so incredible and really made the play!

Pretty Woman: The Broadway Musical | Stroller In The City

The show stays pretty true to the movie (including some racy scenes), Vivian and Edward are unlikely soulmates who overcome all odds to find each other… and themselves. We experienced the moments we loved from the movie—and got to know these iconic characters in a whole new way—in this dazzlingly theatrical take on a love story for the ages.

Funnier than the big screen version, Vivian (Samantha Bark), Kit (Orfeh) and Giulio (Nico DeJesus) keep the audience laughing throughout. Undoubtedly, actor Eric Anderson who plays Happy Man and Mr. Thompson, steals the show with humor, versatility and charisma.

Pretty Woman: The Broadway Musical | Stroller In The City

Fun Fact – my sis and I stayed for the talk back and was intrigued to learn that Kit and Edward are actually married in real life! Overall, Pretty Woman: The Musical is guaranteed to lift your spirits and light up your heart.

Excited to offer all SITC readers $59 seats with code MOM1 when you book on ticketmaster! Valid until 9/1!

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Pretty Woman: The Broadway Musical | Stroller In The City


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  1. I would have loved to see this! I hope someday I’m in the area so that I can see it. This would be one of my favorites to see.


    This looks so wonderful! My parents are big play people, so I will have to tell them to add this to their “must see” list!

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