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Pre Thanksgiving Feast

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Tracking PixelLast week I had an amazing opportunity to visit the uber talented Carla Hall’s new Brooklyn restaurant, for what I will call a pre thanksgiving feast. I say that because the dinner was hosted by ALDI Foods, and left me stuffed from this evening of delicious food and spirits. Carla first shared a fun recipe, before sitting down to a multi course meal with all dishes created by herself, featuring all ALDI food products.
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I will admit, I was rather unfamiliar with ALDI foods until that evening, with the exception of an occasional social media reference from friends. As the night progressed, I learned more about the brand, while trying some of the delicious foods that they offer. With only four or five aisles, Aldi stores are smaller than your typical grocery store, making shopping quick and easy.

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Aldi offers a wide range of fresh meats, breads, dairy, and household items at lower prices. To help customers save money, they offer predominantly ALDI exclusive brands, which are all rid of added MSG, certified synthetic colors and partially hydrogenated oils.


Their adult beverage section was pretty impressive too. To compliment an extensive wine cellar, they carry a wide range of beers from craft, premium, and imported brands, from Holland, Germany, Latin America and here in the US.

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For me, no holiday dinner can kick off without a meat and cheese plate. I was so impressed by the quality of those offered Aldi, that I probably could have just noshed on meat and cheese for my entire meal, and been satisfied. ALDI offers premium and gourmet cheeses throughout the year like specially selected prosciutto, sopressata, and iberico ham, but some cheeses, like their cinnamon goat cheese, are only available during the holiday season. Some food items only being offered for a limited time, keeps customers coming back to see what’s new. In fact, I am heading up to Aldi this week to re-create this platter for our Thanksgiving feast, hosted by my parents.


After our pre dinner treats, we headed to our table where we learned about one of Carla’s favorite recipes, Pot Pie filling over a Corn Waffle. It was shocking just how easy the recipe was, and I cannot wait to try making it at home. As per your requests from my Instagram posting, I’ve included this recipe below.


Check out this menu……..


Many people know ALDI for its delicious German chocolates – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, flavored chocolate – with nuts or without. For the holidays, they have items like cocoa dusted truffles, Christmas figurines and a wide selection of chocolate covered nuts.


Here was my favorite dish Carla cooked for us…

Carla’s Beyond Compare Brussel Sprouts..


Pineapple Glazed Ham…


Asparagus with Almonds in Garlic Cream Sauce


Butter Croissant Bread Pudding with Apples…


Cinnamon Bun Iced Coffee…


I mean, do I need to say more! You can find all of these recipes, including DIY and entertainment ideas on Aldi’s Make Holidays Happen site.


ALDI definitely made this pre thanksgiving feast a memorable one. Forget all the lights, and trees and shopping lines, all I need for the perfect holiday is a great meal to get me in the holiday spirit!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ALDI.


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