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Potty Talk

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Since the summer, we’ve been trying to tackle potty training with Gemma, and its crazy to think that my youngest is almost out of diapers. With older siblings for her to follow after, she had signs that she was ready with the constant pulling off her diapers, and wanting sit on the potty just like her sister. I am happy to say she is now fully potty trained, with the occasional overnight accident, in her pull-ups but it definitely took quite a bit of time.

It’s interesting to see how each one of my children followed different time lines with this milestone. Ryder was around two and half, and was probably one of the first boys in his group of pals to grasp the potty training concept. And then, Siella at 22 months old, who basically fully trained herself, nights included, a week or 2 after Gemma came home from the hospital. Now Gemma, almost three, has taken the majority of the summer, but the daytime accidents seem to finally be behind us.

Potty Training On The Go Potty Training On The Go

I am probably partially to blame for Gemma taking so long. We are always on the go, and the big kids tell me when they need to go, so it was difficult to find the right time to commit to the process. It wasn’t until August, that she embraced the idea, but still, she would only do pee on the potty. Number two happened in her pants, a lot. I knew that once the big kids started school that we would have some uninterrupted time to buckle down, and put the diapers in the past. This time, coupled with my introduction to her own My Carry Potty finally did the trick. When our Lady Bug style potty arrived, she started to called it her suitcase, and we haven’t left home without it.

Potty Training On The Go

My Carry Potty is lightweight, leak-proof and completely bag free. It’s designed with a unique lid, that provides a completely watertight seal. It is made from high quality durable plastic that’s looks cool, and it’s easy to clean. Best of all, Gemma loves her Lady Bug style, and the carry handle makes it easy for her to hold it on her own.

It’s definitely perfect for New York City living, especially since we spend the majority of our time on the run, where bathrooms are pretty scarce, or just super dirty and gross. I can tell the bigs to hold it at times, but newly trained kids need to have instant access to the facilities immediately and having our take along potty is perfect for her.

Potty Training On The Go Potty Training On The Go

Included with My Carry Potty was a sweet little book called “George & Hallies, and the Magic Carry Potties”, which is a great compliment to the potty. It comes complete with a reward chart and fun colorful stickers, to encourage potty training, and make the experience enjoyable and exciting.

Potty Training On The Go

While I am proud about Gemma’s new, significant milestone, I have to admit that I am saddened that my little baby is growing up so quickly.

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2 thoughts on “Potty Talk”

  1. That is the cutest portable potty that I’ve ever seen!
    Even though my baby is 4 and potty trained, road trips can be a drag. I should get one of these so we can avoid the icky public restrooms until she know how to squat!

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