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Playful Snacking

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Last week, the girls and I were invited to a super fun event at the Children’s Museum of Arts, to sample the new TEDDY Soft Bakes. The girls always look forward to going to “mommy’s work,” and I love when motherhood and my career overlap. I mean, that is sort of why I do what I do!

After meeting their fuzzy mascot TEDDY, the girls wasted no time taste testing the new TEDDY Soft Bakes. These fluffy soft-baked filled treats are created in the shape of a bear, with a hidden filling as an extra treat for kids. If you’re like me and remember TEDDY Grahams, these TEDDY Soft Bakes will immediately bring you back to your own childhood.

Siella tried the vanilla bear with Chocolate Filling, while Gemma enjoyed the chocolate bear with a Vanilla-flavored Filling. It is safe to say that both approved. And I was happy to offer them a snack made with no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or colors.

Snacking is a big part of my children’s daily activity. From the moment they could eat solids, I always had snacks handy, no matter where the day took us. It’s something they look forward to, and they actually expect me to have a secret stash in my bag at all times. A favorite snack time is school pickup time. Regardless if we are off to the playground, library, dance or gymnastics, snacks are always on hand. It’s during their little nosh that I usually ask them to tell me about their day, which is a daily highlight for me. I trust our afternoon snack ritual is one they will remember when they get older. In fact, after her taste test, Siella asked if I could bring some TEDDY Soft Bakes for her next school pickup.

As if snacking wasn’t enough, the event offered the girls some fun activities, while I listened to a TED panel discussion, which included Vanessa Lachey, a mom of three, Dr. Elizabeth Waters, and Dr. Stuart Brown, a play researcher and psychiatrist. The conversation discussed playful discovery with children and why it is so important. “Play is not just a joyful and energizing experience, it has a deep effect on human development and intelligence” said Dr. Stuart Brown. This hit home for me because I make it a point, regardless of how busy things may be, to get down and play with my children. It’s so hard to get caught up with doing household chores or having them finish their homework. But I find when I unplug and get down on the floor, I connect with them so much better. And it’s those conversations we have while playing when I find out more about them….what happened at school, how they are feeling, etc.

Super excited for you all to try out the new TEDDY Soft Bakes and see how it helps spark playful discovery with your children. TEDDY Soft Bakes are now available nationwide in grocery and superstores (just look for the TEDDY Grahams). They are individually-wrapped too, making it easy for after-school treats and perfect for on-the-go snacking or in the lunchbox.

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14 thoughts on “Playful Snacking”

  1. We have had TEDDY Grahams, many times but I had not heard of TEDDY Soft Bakes before. Will be checking for them at the store for sure.

  2. Reesa Lewandowski

    This looked like so much fun! I keep seeing these yummy new treats in the store. I need to pick them up for the kids! Perfect for school lunches!

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