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Personal Shopping Day

I often joke about how I need a personal assistant, and shopper at times, because I can never seem to check off all my to-dos, throughout my busy weeks. We can all use a few more hours in the day, but since that’s never going to happen, sometimes we need to seek out other people to get the job done. In preparation for the warm weather, I was sorting through all my children’s spring and summer wardrobes recently, and realized they have outgrown pretty much everything. And to make it worse, the items I intended to pass down from Siella to Gemma will not transition, because they have both grown into the same size. With a wardrobe dilemma on my hands, I tried H&M’s Personal Shopping service for the first time, and it proved to be quite the solution.

H&M's Personal Shopping Service

This complimentary (yes, free) service is available to any customer, by appointment only. Last week, Gemma and I took a trip up to H&M’s Global Flagship store on Fifth Avenue and 48th Street. Located on the fourth floor, next to the Home section, we were greeted by Tony, H&M’s personal style advisor.

H&M's Personal Shopping Service H&M's Personal Shopping Service

Prior to our appointment, I let him know what we were looking for, and gave him all of our sizes, so he could pull some options for the two of us, before our arrival. Having someone else choose the my pieces allowed me to step a bit outside my comfort zone. Gemma was greeted with an assortment of accessories, and Tony even had the soundtrack from Frozen playing at her request, the entire time. It was such a treat was having someone else pull options for me, since I’m usually the one shopping for our entire family.

H&M's Personal Shopping Service H&M's Personal Shopping Service

As much as I love to shop, and especially at H&M because I literally can purchase something for everyone in my family at one stop, I do sometimes find the many options they offer, a bit overwhelming. This next month, I have a ton of functions happening between Siella’s little graduation, two events that I am hosting, and a getaway with just Jason and I to Bermuda this weekend. So needless to say my shopping list was quite extensive.

H&M's Personal Shopping Service

Gemma was absolutely smitten with her Butterfly Jersey Dress. This style is part of the H&M’s Conscious Collection made with organic cotton, and it comes in many different color combos and prints. I immediately had them grab a few of the these dresses for both girls as I know these will be on constant rotation all summer long.

H&M's Personal Shopping Service H&M's Personal Shopping Service H&M's Personal Shopping Service

I absolutely loved my boho chic Maxi Wrap Dress they picked out for me, which is not only perfect for our vacay, but to wear all summer long.

H&M's Personal Shopping Service

This Striped Skirt for my work events….

H&M's Personal Shopping Service

Gemma in another must have for this summer, the Tank Cotton Dress. How cute is this bunny print!

H&M's Personal Shopping Service H&M's Personal Shopping Service

Something I would never pick off the rack myself, and now it is one of my favorite pieces I purchased that day, this High Waisted Denim Skirt. I’ve already worn it three times.

H&M's Personal Shopping Service

Next thing I tried on this Powder Beige Maxi Dress, with the perfect bustling on the back!

H&M's Personal Shopping Service

Gemma is totally complimenting my outfit with this Pink Butterfly Shorts and Safari Patterned Shorts.

H&M's Personal Shopping ServiceH&M's Personal Shopping Service H&M's Personal Shopping Service

Based on our favorite pieces, Tony pulled a few more he thought would work for not only me, but the kiddies too. In just over an hour, we were all fully wardrobed up for summer, and it was truly the most seamless experience ever. And here’s the kicker, your first purchase with H&M’s Personal Shopping Experience gets you a onetime only 2o% off your entire purchase. H&M also encourages all repeat clients (not just the ones that use the personal shopping) to bring in any unwanted garments for their garment recycling program for 15% off your entire purchase discount. I have a feeling we will all be seeing Tony on a much more regular basis!

To book your new appointment email [email protected]. Happy Shopping!

Big Thanks to H&M’s photographer Glenn Harris!

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8 thoughts on “Personal Shopping Day”

  1. Oh my goodness all of those outfits look stunning on you. I have no sartorial sense. For that reason alone I need a personal shopper.

  2. I had no idea H&M had this! And I have to say — for cheap store, their dressing rooms look amazing 🙂 The dresses look great on you too!

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