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You might get a little confused in our apartment when you see seven stockings hanging on the mantle and count five of us. They are all stuffed with little gifts, the only thing is that two of those stockings will be stuffed with chew toys, maybe new collars and a bunch of treats. Yep, we never forget our little doggies, Teddy and Penny Lane, especially during the holidays!

This winter marks another year with our two little dogs and we couldn’t be more excited to watch them play under the tree with the kids during Christmas. Before Jason and I had children our holiday cards featured pics of the pups, they even have their own personalized ornaments on our Christmas Tree. They were our first babies, after all. And as our family has grown our doggies have remained in the center of our loving brood.

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Like most dogs (and people) during the holidays they use any excuse to indulge but I am constantly thinking of their health. The kids all know to limit any table foods for the dogs because they have their own gourmet meals made especially for their bodies. Beneful offers an assortment of wet and dry dog foods and treats with every concern in mind, weight, health, energy and an original blend.

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As you know Teddy and Penny are both teenagers, Penny Lane just turned 13 and Teddy is almost 15, so I want to make sure they are full of energy and feel like puppies for as long as possible. The best way to keep these little guys healthy is through their tummies is with nutritious dog foods. I know I can count on Beneful’s assortment of super healthy dog foods and snacks that are made with wholesome ingredients including grains, real meat, and accents of vegetables. Their favorite variety is the Baneful Originals with real beef or chicken. For treats we always have Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges handy, and I do believe Santa will also be leaving their favorite snacks under the tree this year!

Only six more sleeps till Christmas! We cannot wait to celebrate with our babies and fur babies!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of the Friends Of Beneful Program.

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  1. I like to make special treat for my furbabies for the Holidays. They are part of the family so I always get them a gift for Christmas.

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