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Sunday Styles: SwimZip

The past few weeks have been filled with trips out east to the east end, and adventures up north to Boston, and Vermont. With plenty

A Dream Vacation Home

Every summer, for the week of 4th of July our clan heads out to the east end of Long Island – a tradition for as

Step Into The Sunlight

For all of us, this summer is really all about having fun. Ryder’s tour at sleep away camp ends next Friday, the girls have their

A Colorful Ride

Yesterday, I just the first taste of the summer routine, and have to say I’m a little nervous about managing it all this summer. Over

Red, White & Shoe

I hope you are all enjoying your extended 4th of July weekend way more than we are. We headed to my parents house on Thursday

This is 3, 5, 7

A lot of times this summer, when all three kiddos are out and about, I get many people asking the age gap of my tribe. So

Glimpses of Costa Rica with Canon

The night before I left for Costa Rica, I attended Canon’s Farewell to Summer event held right in my neighborhood on the rooftop of Conrad

Americana Decor for Your Space

American flags, throw pillows, mason jars and more are a part of patriotic decor we see annually. Americana style is something that we take pride