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Once a fashion showroom owner now turned mom and blogger/writer. Brianne Manz lives in New York City with her husband, three children and enjoys their fast paced city life.

Her blog Stroller In The City boasts about city living, family travel, kids fashion and all things that are mommy. Being a mom doesn’t mean you need to lose sight of the cool stuff. Brianne has has been featured on the Today Show, E! News, and People Magazine to name a few.

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Your Style, Your Way: Snugli Stroller Review

If you ask any mom living in NYC about their stroller…they would say “It’s like my car”. And it really is, we not only take …

R is for..

I am so proud of the way Ryder is just thriving in school. He comes home everyday super excited telling me what he’s learned. And …

Teeth in Style

Siella is on a teething kick again. She is drooling and what’s even worse…whining non stop. I’ve been giving her the homeopathic teething drops which …

Goat Milk partners with Room to Grow

Event Details  What: For every item purchased on-line or at the pop-up event, Goat-Milk will give a new article of clothing to the organization, Room …

Freshmade NYC

I am truly in love with the neighborhood where Ryder goes to school now…West Village. The shops and the cute little restaurants have become my …


Have I mentioned we are in full fledge party circuit mode these days. We have a party every weekend till the end of October. The kids …

Little Green Gourmet

As most of my close friends know by now, Jason is gone for 5 weeks. Yeap that’s right, its just me and the kiddies once …

Sammie Jammies

I’ve been preparing Ryder’s lunches everyday now for the past two weeks and I’ve gotta say I am fresh out of ideas. I want to …



My family and I usually escape the city almost every weekend. For example this weekend we went apple picking and visited some family. We have …

Works of Art

Our lazy days of summer are officially over. We are full force into our busy fall schedule which also means the birthday circuit has started …

John Varvatos debuts Boys Clothing Line

With some of my favorite brands no longer making kids clothing…ahem All Saints. I needed to find another upscale brand to fill the void. I …

Cool tee alert

A couple of weeks back when Ryder’s obsession with Spiderman was long gone and Batman was now in the picture, I needed to find a …

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