Continuing my Skincare Routine..

School is back in season, and I’m busier than ever! School meetings, dance rehearsals, soccer practice, and more! And while my children may keep me active and fit, I still need to make sure I’m doing my best to look as young as they think I am. I’ve been using Saranghae’s 5-step anti-aging skin care routine for about four months now. With this simple package, I can commit to a hassle free skin care routine that’s quick and effective for a busy mother like myself even during the day’s most hectic moments.

Saranghae is a Korean skin-care product that works wonders healing, rejuvenating, and protecting my skin in three phases.

The Complete 5 Step Anti-Aging Bundle Includes:

Saranghae nourishing and moisturizing oil + foam cleanser

Saranghae deep radiance essence + serum

Saranghae firm and lift regeneration cream

Saranghae focus renewal eye cream

Saranghae elemental essence mask (6 masks)

Combining the essential nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids and peptides, Saranghae does it best when it comes to transforming your skin into a soft, beautiful, and glowing sight! I love how my skin looks and feels. Love your skin, love yourself.


Continuing my Skincare Routine... | Stroller In The City



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