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Outdoor Furniture Finds You Need

Summer is unofficially here and I’m receiving quite a few questions about where I got my outdoor furniture from. Now that it’s a new season, we are starting to spend more time outside at our home out east and thinking about beginning to entertain more outside. I think when it comes to finding outdoor furniture or any furniture and items for your space, you really need to think practically about it. Meanwhile, these aren’t things that we are just going to have for a few months, we want them to last a long time. Henceforth, the trends are not something to pay attention to, but more your style and making sure these pieces fit into your life.

Here are some things to think about:


To begin, you need to ask yourself does this item make sense in my home? This is a question I want you to start getting comfortable asking yourself. We can like a lot of things but we want to be smart about our purchases. These things can definitely add up, it’s pricey these days! For example, if you’re looking for a good outdoor rug, you want something that you can easily clean.

The outdoors can get really dirty and it’s definitely easier to get items that you can clean up and make good as new. Furthermore, weather-resistant materials are essential when it comes to an outdoor furniture set. The backyard space mostly endures the sun, but occasionally it does rain, so having pieces that can endure that and don’t need to be moved to the garage nightly (or in the winter months) are great. I love weather-resistant rattan for the summertime!


Moreover, if you have kids, think about getting pieces that are kid-friendly. I don’t recommend light colored cushions if they can’t be cleaned up. Spills and accidents happen and we have to be prepared for them. This also goes for things that maybe don’t break easily. Likewise, look for things that your kids will like and will be easy to use. I suggest looking for pool chairs that are easy to use for kids, you want everyone to get use out of all the items, so the easier and more functional the items are for all family members, the better your money is spent.

A seating area is where we are spending time the most beyond Memorial Day into the entire summer as a family. Comfortable pieces and extra seating are ideal for guests. There are a plethora of outdoor sofas, benches and bistro sets to accompany your outdoor accessories.

Storage and Functionality

 Finally, maybe it’s the city girl in me, but I like finds for my home that have storage options. Multi-use, shall I say. For instance, if your outdoor couch can open up and you can store pool accessories underneath the cushions, something like that! A coffee table, side tables, couches with removable cushions and storage underneath and lounge chairs are pieces that are functional but also can include storage options online.

For small spaces, it’s incredibly important that everything is functional and of use in your outdoor oasis. The right outdoor furniture will be the perfect addition to your space if it’s of use to the whole family. The good news is that durable patio furniture is plentiful and there are tons of summer sales to shop new pieces from. I refer to stores like Wayfair and Overstock as a one-stop shop for affordable options and warm weather necessities to create a comfortable space for all things outdoor use.

I will link all of my outdoor home finds below, as always, for you all to shop from, as well as some additional pieces I have my eye on!

This post was originally published April 14th, 2022*

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We love these lanterns, they are really cool in texture and add to the dimension of the space! Furthermore, you can fit one giant candle or a few smaller inside.
This is the best outdoor coffee table! I love the washed tone to it and it’s super practical with kids, as it can’t break!
These are the ultimate lounge chairs! Moreover, they’re really easy to use and clean up after the kids, and I love the wicker texture.
Let’s start with the fact that this brand makes fantastic outdoor pieces! What’s really unique about these umbrellas is that if you look closely, you can see they have a really pretty fringe detail.
We spend a lot of time in these chairs in the summers. I think the tone of the wood is beautiful and the cream brightens up the space.
This is the perfect tray to have for summer entertaining! I love it has handles, so it’s easy to carry!
These chair are just so interesting and multi-dimensional, yet neutral! I love the rattan feel to them and they come in sets of 2!
How could I not include LoveShackFancy in my backyard?! Obviously, I needed a pop of color and the quality of these towels is perfection!
I love this rug so much because it really ties this little space in together! Following, it’s super easy to clean and the it’s currently on sale!
I have to include our front porch swings because the kids love them! I honestly like to go out there and swing while I read a good book.
Not only is this a great neutral piece for your backyard. But it has a hole to put an umbrella in, so you can enjoy shade!
I love outdoor couches that come in pieces so you can decide how many you want. This one has summer vibes and is versatile!
Furthermore, I like having something the kids can enjoy by the pool or in the shade! This beanbag is comfy and you can get a pice to use as a side table or seat.
Finally, what I love about this piece is that it can go in the front or backyard. Wicker is everything for summer and I couldn’t pass up on this!

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13 thoughts on “Outdoor Furniture Finds You Need”

  1. I have a small patio set. I’d love to have an enclosed porch so that I can sit outside without mosquitoes attacking me. I need to get more cushions for my patio set, the ones I have are a bit worn out from sitting in the sun.

  2. I would love to have that Outdoor Hanging Chair and Woven Wicker Coffee Table. The table was also nicely complemented with that Kabibe round tray.

  3. Wicker furniture looks so cozy outside. It’s really worth it to invest on outside furniture, expensive but sturdy is a good choice!

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