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Big Snow American Dream – Indoor Skiing with Real Snow

My family and I love to ski, but as we all know, skiing is totally reliant on the weather. It has to have snowed enough. If it’s too warm or too cold, the snow is terrible to ski on. Plus, you can’t ski in the summer. Big Snow American Dream is a ski trip unlike any other you’ll ever take because it’s North America’s first and only indoor, real-snow, year-round ski and snow resort.

My family and I were just there a few weeks ago, and we were all thoroughly impressed with the experience. Even though we were in a gigantic complex, it felt like real, honest to goodness outdoor skiing. I thought because we were indoors, the temps would be warmer, but nope it was just as cold inside as it was outside, except with the perfect snow! Whereas most man-made snow feels icy and just off, somehow, this snow at American Dream felt like real snow. It was the perfect texture, and the skiing was fantastic. My entire family enjoyed it, and some of them are real snow snobs, if I’m being honest. LOL

When you visit Big Snow American Dream, you’ll be walking into an absolutely massive indoor structure that even has its own ski lift. Every bit of snow is 100% real, and the facility caters to snowboarders and skiers, alike. It really is an indoor, temperature-controlled mountain available for skiing all year round.

Big Snow also has a lot more to offer than just walking in, strapping on skis, and hitting the indoor slopes. It also offers lesson programs for children and beginners, and private lessons are available, as well. There’s group and party packages available so you can have one of the most unique parties of your life. What’s more memorable than a ski party indoors?

Big Snow American Dream is a ski adventure unlike any I’ve ever had, and I look forward to having another ski getaway in the middle of the summer. Just because we can. My family and I are so excited that we can hit the slopes whatever time of year we want, and I think any ski lover is going to feel the same. Check out Big Snow American Dream and start planning an indoor ski getaway for yourself!

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29 thoughts on “Big Snow American Dream – Indoor Skiing with Real Snow”

  1. Well now that’s different! I have never ever done indoor skiing before. We were just skiing today at our local ski hill which was pretty crowded as teachers are on strike today and class is out. Anyways, this is something I’d love to look closer at. Very interesting. I’ll assume that the snow is granular…is that accurate?

  2. I HAVE seen this place before and I have ALWAYS wanted to go and see what it’s all about!!!! Obviously not exactly the same as being out In the wilderness but still really cool!

  3. What a great option for skiers! I enjoyed skiing when I was younger, and it would have been a lot of fun to be able to ski year-round! Even in the winter, sometimes the weather is just not conducive to skiing.

  4. I didn’t even know you could do indoor skiing. This is awesome! This would be something I’d love to try out. I’ve only ever been skiing once, but I loved it.

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