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My Obsession With Headbands

My Obsession With Headbands | Stroller In The CityI am not sure when my obsession with headbands started, but as of late, I’ve been wearing one every single day. You all know I get my weekly blowouts, that way I can go an entire week without having to wash it. It’s sort of my mom hack, because it allows me to be able to get ready fast during our crazy morning hours, yet not have to waste time washing it.

And if you’re wondering – how does it last for a full week, well I actually only wear my hair down when I’m in meetings or working in my office. The minute I get home, I quickly put it up in a top knot (having it up and away from your face definitely helps). I also just can’t stand my hair actually being in my face.

But lo and behold the headband, I’m actually wearing my hair down longer, and because it is off my face, my blowouts are lasting even longer. Headbands are so perfect for completely your look and adding that extra something.

Here’s a roundup of some of our favs! Oh, and ps – they also make the perfect birthday gifts for any of your fabulous friends!

My Obsession With Headbands | Stroller In The City

  • Wave Fold – This headband is simple, yet adds a graceful touch for a casually elegant look and we love how the twisted fabric creates a soft look.


  • Black Patent – This turban is neutral with its coloring, yet bold with its patent leather texture. It’s bold and can be worn on a night out or to add a little edge to a soft look.


  • Lorelei Headband – This headpiece is braided together with velvet and is both comfortable to wear and secure. Style this woven piece casually or to an elegant dinner party!


  • Pearl Headband – One of my favs! This headpiece is so versatile and I love the added pearls. It can be worn with a comfortable sweater look, yet can be worn with a more sophisticated dressed up look.

My Obsession With Headbands | Stroller In The City

  • Gold Headband – This Urbanista headband is simple in its woven design, yet elegant with its gold coloring.


  • Navy & White Striped – The striped design paired with the navy blue and white contrast makes this the perfect accessory for spring time!

My Obsession With Headbands | Stroller In The City

  • Pink Floral – The light coloring, floral design, and thin shape of this headband is the perfect touch to any spring or summer outfit!


  • Bejeweled Leopard – Loving the leopard trend this season. This leopard design with the added beaded texture makes the perfect statement piece!

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10 thoughts on “My Obsession With Headbands”

  1. I usually only wear headbands when going to the gym or hanging around the house, but the styles you featured here are far better than the ones I own. The bejeweled leopard is my favorite!

  2. I can’t stand having my hair in my face so I usually wear it in a ponytail. I need to invest in some good headbands. I really like the gold one and the navy and white striped one as well.

  3. I remember being fully committed to a few headbands that fit my heard perfectly when I was growing my bangs out. I have a fairly large head so I am always on the lookout for something comfy.

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