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Spring Books For Kid’s

Spring is here and it’s a time for new beginnings! New season, new wardrobe, new perspectives, and new books! I love gifting my kids new books to refresh their libraries. Each season comes with a new perspective on the changing times. Whether our household is embracing the changes in nature, the societal shifts our country is having, or just exploring new fun ideas, books are a great way to help introduce these conversations and remind our children to feel strong in who they are! I hope this great list brings all your children some joy and inspiration!

How adorable is this book? Readers will explore 100+ whimsical photos of adorable puppies, cats, pigs, and more!
Guion see’s things a little differently than his friends, but he quickly realizes that his unique perspectives are just as special.
This amazing book will inspires young female readers that not ambition is too high! Dream big girls!
Get a glimpse into Frida Kahlo’s childhood as she revisits her memories of an imaginary friend. This book definitely encourages our little ones to let their imagination explore.
This book really helps little ones explore feelings and emotions. This story will remind them that its ok to experience different feelings on different days.
Follow along as this sea otter trio take on an evil fisherman in hopes of rescuing their kidnapped friend.
The conversation of race is an incredibly important one to have with our children. This book is a great age appropriate conversation starter.
As the tech world gets more and more advanced and our children are being influenced form all angles, this book will help bring everything back to basics. Our morals play such a huge part in discovering who we are as individuals.
Cleo Wade has been inspiring us with her poetry for years. This sweet poetic book is a great addition to any little library.
This musical addition makes for a perfect birthday gift! Young readers will explore the iconic birthday song in six languages from around the globe.
A beautiful picture book by Hawaiian artist Emily Hughes, follow along as we explore this little girls nature world. She is unashamedly wild!
This super fun interactive game will have readers matching which soup belongs to which zoo animal!
A great story for readers 10+. Will anyone ever believe that this boy is 1, 000 years old? He embarks on an adventure to find true friendship and acceptance for who he is.
Go into the wacky of what happens in a museum when no one is looking. Being reunited with your class after getting lost in a museum can be difficult when volcanoes are eruptions and dinosaurs charging!
The next addition to the Pandava collection is now available! Aru Shah and her sisters must find their mentors Hanuman and Urvashi in the city of gold, before war breaks out between the devas and asuras.

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12 thoughts on “Spring Books For Kid’s”

  1. These sound like some lovely books. I’ll have to show them to my daughters. My youngest especially loves to read.

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