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Must Have Accessory: Face Mask-Necklaces

Well 2020 is a bizarre year to say the least! After sharing two posts on where to buy cute face masks (Face Masks 1 & Face Masks 2) , I’m now sharing how to accessorize your face masks! I cant believe this is where we are as a society, but wearing a mask is hands down the right thing to do and there’s no denying that its officially part of our daily fashion looks.  Mask chains and cords are both practical and fashionable. Adjustable options are great for kids , while pretty beaded chains make for a great 2020 gift idea. As a true “girly girl” myself I can never have too many accessories, and I know I’ll be ordering some of the cute options listed below.

Our mask-laces were made by my dear friend Sara Jane, and I’m happy to report she donated all proceeds to The Actors Fund! 

This pearl gold chain is the timeless accent to any mask! I love that its classic but fun!
This white mask chain is a minimal feminine touch. Perfectly neutral for any OOTD.
This tortoise shell inspired chain comes in 5 different colors for a fun summer twist on a classic print.
Personalize it! Who doesn’t love a personalized accessory? Makes for a great gift for anyone in the family!
Pink, purple, and pearls? Yes yes yes! I love this totally playful and feminine option!
We all know how I feel about florals! I love that these 5 color options easily transition into fall too!
I love how this neon pastel colors can totally brighten any look! A perfect summer options!
I love this mask chain! It’s absolutely beautiful, totally boho, and wonderfully neutral for any outfit. Also great colors for fall!
Minimal but totally flirty and cute. I love a good heart accessory!
This rainbow cord is a sporty look with tons of personality.
These are great for kids!! With growing little heads, these adjustable lanyards help keep their masks on just right!
We love this chain to the moon and back! Great for any age and any personality.

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15 thoughts on “Must Have Accessory: Face Mask-Necklaces”

  1. Where we live, masks are fortunately not required, so we haven’t worn anything during the pandemic. I’m really impressed with your cute ideas for accessorizing!

  2. I definitely feel behind when I run across new trends like this. I’m barely into the face mask thing, I NEED a necklace for mine now! lol

  3. I didn’t know face maks necklaces were a thing. What a great idea. Fashionable and practical, especially for kids so they don’t misplace their masks.

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