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Monday Confessions

It’s Monday morning, we are rushing out the door for school, following a jammed packed weekend,  the kids and I are hardly refreshed for the week ahead. With the unseasonably high temps, we ran around the city like tourists, taking in all the holiday decor. Rockefeller Christmas tree, Saks 5th Avenue windows, holiday shopping, a visit with Santa, all checked off our lists. We broke all the rules this weekend, having the children go to dinner way past their bedtimes, followed by a late night Christmas movie.

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While it was ton of fun this weekend, I can’t help but feel guilty that we didn’t have much downtime. I always tend to have guilt when we deviate from their sleep schedules, questioning whether or not they had enough rest, or if they had way too much screen time.



Sometimes us parents need to take a break too, even bend our own rules, but the day after may leave us feeling as if we didnt do the right thing. The memories from our weekend will last forever, but the kids are going to be a little tired and cranky for the beginning of the school week. But at the end of the day, I think you need to ask yourself, was as it worth it, and my answer is yes!

I’m excited to have joined forces with Similac this month and introduce to you to #UniteMonday. Every Monday, we are encouraging parents to confess a rule they’ve bent, and shouldn’t be judged for, because we are all in this together.

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Similac’s Sisterhood of Motherhood Campaign to End Mommy Wars encourages us all to support each other, and try to stop the judgment once and for all. I encourage you to join me, along with the hundreds of moms and dads talking about and supporting The Sisterhood of Motherhood. Be sure to share your story on the Similac Facebook Page to confess your parenting infractions, and let’s rally together to #EndMommyWars.

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