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Limitless Possibilities

If I had to change one thing about living in NYC, it would be my kitchen. I absolutely love cooking and baking, but I often feel limited by some capacities of my kitchen. I am always so envious of the huge kitchens that stretch into a family room, where everyone can hang around the counter, which becomes the focal point of the house. Someday when we own a home, I hope to have that set up. This week, I was invited to a super special event for LG, on the 102nd floor of the One World Tower building, for a sneak peak at LG’s newest Black Stainless Steel Collection.


At first, I thought the idea of Black Stainless Steel would be too dark in a kitchen, but on the contrary their new satin-smooth finish, which exudes charcoal hues, offers the appeal of the tradition stainless, with a contemporary character all of its own. Created from stainless steel coated with a darker hue and topped with a protective coating, the LG Black Stainless Steel Series leaves all their appliances fingerprint and smudge resistant.

HGTV Design Stars David Bromstad and Emily Henderson were present, demonstrating the limitless design possibilities brought to life through a collection of Black Stainless Steel-inspired Pinterest boards they created. David’s kitchen was a Contemporary Kitchen, while Emily’s was a Dream Beach Kitchen. Both setups used the same LG Black Stainless Series, but had completely different looks.

Dream Beach Kitchen…..


Modern Contemporary Kitchen…..


Boasting a liquid-smooth look unlike anything you’ve ever seen, the LG Black Stainless Steel Series is the perfect combination of classic meets contemporary. Featuring a stainless steel finish in a darker hue, topped with a protective coating, these stunning appliances have a style all their own, bringing a warm, undeniable luster to your kitchen. No matter what your kitchen décor, LG Black Stainless Steel appliances will elevate the traditional stainless steel look, bringing your home to the forefront of style and innovation.

For you design enthusiasts, now through Jan. 29, you can enter LG’s major contest by creating and submitting a Pinterest board, that brings your dream kitchen to life (as inspired by the LG Black Stainless Steel Series). Each pin should reflect elements that inspire and embody the theme. Boards will be judged based on creativity, diversity of pins and the contestants’ abilities to deliver on a distinct theme and/or tell a strong story. Two grand prize winners will be selected, and will receive a complete kitchen suite of LG Black Stainless Steel Series appliances, $25,000 and a design consultation with David or Emily for your kitchen overhaul. Pinterest fans can visit HGTV.com/LGContest to enter.

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