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Mama+Babe Valentine Giveaway

Stroller In The City is spreading the love this week, offering you all a Mama+Babe Valentine Giveaway!


Prizes Include:

Bravado Essential Nursing Tank + Body Silk Seamless Bra + Bliss Lace Bra, Freshly Picked Moccasins,

Stokke Xplory Stroller, Emilie M Handbag, Belabumbum  Colette Chemise & Robe

To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter below. Points will be earned for each item completed – the more you do, the closer you’ll be to winning this amazing prize! The Mama Babe Valentine Giveaway will run today until midnight Monday, February 17th. The winner will be announced and contacted via email.

So, now all you have to do is enter. Good Luck!

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190 thoughts on “Mama+Babe Valentine Giveaway”

  1. My baby girl & I are going to pretty ourselves up with at home pedicures (piggy paints). My husbsnd & I have decorated our room to mimic a fancy hotel for after her bed time – we’re still not comfortable leaving her but want to do something special!

  2. We will be staying at home with our 4 babies, hopefully a romantic candle lit dinner with my husband where we can discuss new baby names!!!!!! 😀

  3. Going to celebrate Valentine’s day with my hubs a day early-going out to eat and plan to make him canoli stuffed french toast on the day 🙂 Such an awesome giveaway!!! Thanks!!

  4. Right now, my husband and I have nothing planned for Valentine’s Day because we can’t afford to do anything. I’d love to do something, but hey my hubby likes to surprise me so ya never know what he has in store for that day.

  5. We are going for a nice steak dinner! Taking advantage of not having to pay a babysitter until the baby arrives this spring 🙂

  6. What a fantastic giveaway!! The hubby and I are planning on staying in and making dinner together. Then after the little one’s in bed snuggling up on the couch for a movie and our favorite dessert! Nothing fancy over here 😉

  7. We will keep in low key and go to dinner somewhere, maybe watch a movie. I just want to spend time with my husband, we don’t get a lot of time together!

  8. This valentines me and my fiancé will be going to disneyland for the last time with just us 2. I’m so excited and happy for my first born comin this April! Amazing giveaway thanks for the opportunity. Xoxo

  9. My loved one will be at work all day, so I plan to get up early and make my little loved ones a special breakfast before preschool.

  10. We always have a ‘romantic’ family dinner, candlelight, music, dancing and chocolate fondue. My daughter loves to see our love for each other.

  11. We have a party with his friends and I’m taking him to dinner. My valentine this year is my 20 month old son since his dad is on a business trip

  12. This may sound boring but we are having a quiet dinner at home. I’m cooking and he’s going to clean up. The kids are going to grandpa and grandmas (which they LOVE). I made him a fun card too! =)

  13. I got put on “modified bed rest” so hopefully we can go somewhere to eat before the baby arrives next month; and then come home and snuggle on the couch and watch a movie!

  14. Jessica Rodriguez

    We both have to work so we’ll do an easy dinner at home and then I set up a massage for him on the weekend. Hopefully he likes it. He’s been talking about getting one for months now.

  15. Probably just watch a movie and eat an entire box of chocolates with the hubs! Restaurants are way too crazy for me on valentines.

  16. The hubby and I are planning a nice evening at home. Dinner and a sappy movie then an early bedtime. Baby girl puts me to bed early and hormones cause me to not want to deal with the crowds! So it’s a win win! Well at least for me! Hehe 😉

  17. I’m working Valentine’s Day. It would be nice if we could get someone to watch the kids so we could go out for dinner… but I doubt it.

  18. Angela Rhodes Ingles

    I’m not sure what we have planned for Valentine’s this year. I’m in my third trimester with our first child and don’t have a lot of energy left for much at this point! A quiet dinner home and a movie would be great. 🙂

  19. Plans aren’t settled yet, but I’m hoping something that includes wearing the beautiful black maternity dress my husband gave me for Christmas!!

  20. What an awesome giveaway!
    We are going to spend Friday morning getting a 3D sono of our 3rd baby due in May. Hopefully we’ll be able to fit in lunch before he has to go to work, but if not we have all Saturday planned to spend together, just the two of us.

  21. We will be having dinner home…All the boys and me….plus my father in law. His first alone since my mother in laws passing last year. I figure it’s just one Valentine’s day….many more to have alone together in years to come.

  22. Making red velvet cupcakes with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting for my guys! Just going to relax at home with them 🙂

  23. I would totally love to have any of these! I’m a soon-to-be-momma of a little girl in April. My hubby and I are making cookies together and filling out parts of the baby journal I bought him for Christmas. A night at home, and a little bit of romance 🙂

  24. I plan on enjoying a relaxing Valentine’s day, however on Friday my significant other and I will enjoy a special dinner at a new restaurant we’ve been wanting to try. Can’t wait! 🙂

  25. my husband is having wisdom teeth removed on valentine’s day…so romantic. haha…sigh…but hopefully that means we can eat ice cream for dinner! 🙂

  26. With a little boy due in June, this will be the last valentines day my husband and I will share as just the two of us. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time. Anyway, we’ll probably just get takeout from one of our favorite restaurants and then cuddle up and watch a movie.

  27. Our first baby is due March 28, so this will be our last Valentine’s on our own. We will either stay home and make something together, or get take out if there’s something specific I’m craving (lately it’s been buffalo wings… super romantic!).

  28. I will be spending it with my mister and little mister. Most likely hitting out favorite diner for burgers and milk shakes.

  29. Celebrating for the first time together since hubby came home deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan on Feb. 14th 2009. We got married in August and get to have our first time together!

  30. we’re doing some cute family dinner with the kids and i plan on writing them little love notes. and then going out as a couple the next night. our newest will be 6 weeks old on valentine’s!

  31. We are gonna make heart shaped pizzas and spend the evening by the fire eating the things we love with the people we love the most!

  32. How exciting + exciting! These are all beautiful + all wonderful products…hope I can win this for my baby boy!! Will be spending the day with my loves (baby + hubby)! Good luck everyone!

  33. My husband is away so I will be spending Valentine’s with my very special 5 year old girl – her last Valentine’s before the new baby comes in two months. We’re going to have a mommy/daughter date night, which will inevitably end with a Frozen sing-a-long!

  34. Unfortunately both of our jobs require us to work on Valentines Day……but Sunday is our day off together and I think we will just enjoy a nice dinner and movie at home together…..wouldn’t have it any other way!

  35. could there be a better giveaway!? oh my goodnight nurse i am obsessed! spending a surprise getaway weekend with my sweet hubby before our baby comes this spring! baby bowers and his momma are crossing our fingers for this fabulous loot! xo

  36. No plans here really…just going to hang out with the family like any other day 🙂 Plus the hubs is out of town until Friday anyway… 🙂

  37. We planned to go to the Leavenworth to stay in the cabin with friends but everyone canceled 🙁 so, we will probably stay home cuz I’m 33 weeks pregnant with Baby boy #2 and don’t really want to go out. Still thinking on what to get my hubby as I know he will definitely surprise me with something. ( by the way: That is one awesome giveaway! )

  38. Perfect giveaway for mommas 🙂
    This Valentines Day I’m going to the ob to check on the little one, then lunch with my husband, finished with diy photo booth fun and a family dinner.

  39. It’ll be the last St-Val just the two of us, so we are going to the chalet (a friend left us the keys! Yeay!) and spend the week-end just the two of us and the fire place;)
    We are due in June and still didn’t looked st the strollers (they are so expensive!!!) that one looks perfect for us, fingers crossed! (and eyes and toes::)

  40. Awesome Giveaway! Would be awesome to get before my baby is due in the beginning of March! My mom is taking our 2 year old so the hubby and I can go out to eat (:

  41. It has been a harsh winter and with two little ones ( 3 year old amd a one mth old) we will definitely be staying in! No running chances of getting sick! So there will be lots of chocolate,goodies, disney movies for my 3 year old and a romantic dinner I will be cooking for my husband since I still want to have something special and intimate for the two of us!

  42. What an amazing giveaway!!! We will probably just stay home and maybe go out to dinner before my husband goes to work because he works graveyard 🙁 we will have to celebrate the week after when he is off. I’ll probably do some valentines activities with the kids during the day.

  43. We won’t be doing anything for Valentine’s Day, I’m still not fully over morning/day/night sickness so we really don’t want to take the chance on a nice meal. Hopefully I can find a nice recipe and just cook at home 🙂

  44. Cassandra Eastman

    I’m planning on making heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and spending time with my husband and our 2 little ones, then going out with my husband on a much needed date to dinner in the evening!

  45. Amazing giveaway! We plan have heart shaped ravioli for dinner and after snuggle on the couch with our girls and watch a movie.

  46. I am going to spend the evening my husband and little girl 🙂 then on Saturday we have a babysitter so mommy and daddy can go out, baby free!

  47. Amazing giveaway! On actual vday we are having lunch with my 2nd daughter at her school and I will make cupcakes and dinner with all 3 of my kids afterschool since hubby is working. Hopefully we can have a date night on sunday when he’s off!

  48. I am loving this giveaway! I am expecting baby #1 and could use this gear! Me and my husband trade off planning Valentines every year and this year it’s his turn. I tried to squeeze out some information from him on what we are doing last night but he wouldn’t give! As long as we eat good food I will be happy! 🙂

  49. We don’t really have any plans for Valentine’s Day. Maybe grab a bite to eat, but I am not even sure of that being as I work overnight starting at 11pm, and my hubby has been working late.

  50. Would love to win this prize pack! Imagine pushing that fabulous red stroller 🙂 leaving the valentines plans up to my hubby.

  51. today my little girl is 8 months old! and baby two is 10 weeks so hope i can win this for both it would be awesome, hubby and i are so blessed with this two angels! this is going to be the best valentine ever!! with the 3 loves of my life!!! nothing better than be happy and healthy thanks to god !!! god bless you too love!! love this great giveaway!!!!

  52. We’re going to be spending our day celebrating our daughters 2nd birthday! Our little Valentine’s Day baby! Cake and ice cream for sure. And then after the kids are asleep, mommy and daddy are going to (quietly) celebrate valentines day with chocolate covered strawberries and a yummy late dinner. I’m pretty excited.

  53. Well with a 2 week old and a two year old we will be spending the night at home. I plan on making a yummy dinner and then watching a movie with popcorn with our toddler. Once she goes to bed, daddy and I plan on making a outside fire in our chiminea, turning on the cafe lights and enjoying a bottle of wine. Living in San Diego we can actually enjoy the outdoors (sorry my NYC friend). My husband also just built a bar in his office/man cave so we might sneak into his office and “pretend” to be at a bar on a date!!!! We believe you don’t have to spend alot and go out to have a nice time. We are on a budget this year so spending time together is our gift!!! Xoxo- hope I win!

  54. I am going to hibernate and watch movies with my husband because with have a snow storm all week in North Carolina. lol

  55. I wish we had Valentine’s Day plans, but alas it looks like another snowy night at home with our stir-crazy kids! Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😉

  56. We’re stuck inside b/c of Winter Storm Pax, but plan on celebrating with a quite dinner, sparkling grape juice and hand decorating onesies for our Little One due this spring!

  57. My hubby is finally getting out of work early and going to take me out! we have not been on a DATE in years!! =0) Cannot wait!

  58. My hubby and I went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant while my parents were nice enough to watch our little man! Probably the last night out for a while…I’m due in 8 weeks with #2!!! Julie [email protected]

  59. Since my hubby unfortunately works til the next day I am going to spend it with the kids, I made a great meal fantastic bakery treats and we played games and made crafts!

  60. My husband had to work late so we didn’t do too much, I did make homemade chicken alfredo though


  61. Mattias Fogelberg

    my wife and i got dressed up and ordered take-out and had a picnic on our living room floor…it is still our favorite place to eat dinner.

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