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Date Night with the Bronx Bombers

Living in NYC for so long, there are some things we all take for granted, one being the Broadway shows. It’s only been about two years or so that we have decided to finally start taking advantage of having them at our finger tips. So when we were invited by The Moms to attend the Bronx Bombers on Broadway, I immediately replied yes! After all, any excuse for a date night works for me!


The BRONX BOMBERS showing at Circle in The Square Theatre is an All American play from the team behind Broadway’s Lombardi. A story that follows beloved icon Yogi Berra and his wife Carmen through a century of the team’s trials and triumphs, bringing generations of Yankee greats together on one stage. The show celebrates and explores the timeless legacy of baseball’s most iconic team, BRONX BOMBERS and takes a fascinating look at how and why the Yankees have remained so undeniably great… and so powerfully inspirational! I thought the play was beyond moving. But I do admit I didn’t know the history quite well and practically drowned Jason with questions the entire time. But this show overall is made for true Yankee fans without a doubt.


With Monica from Marino Bambinos and her husband

The Moms, Melissa Gerstein and Denise Albert had a talkback after the show along with Laura Posada. Laura Posada, wife to Jorge Posada is founder of the MyFace Foundation. Laura and Jorge Posada started this organization in honor of their son and his successful struggle with Craniosynostosis. Craniosynostosis is a condition that affects 1 out of every 2,000 births in the United States. Early surgical intervention by a multi-disciplinary team of doctors is the key to effective treatment of the condition. Thanks to myFace’s annual support of $2 million dollars, as well as the generosity of the Institute’s doctors, all children at the Institute receive the same quality reconstructive care. Since children with severe deformities often need 40-80 procedures during their childhood years, treating these patients is our greatest challenge.

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For more information about MyFace organization and how to donate visit www.myface.org

To purchase tickets for BronxBombers visit www.bronxbombersplay.com

Tickets were provided by The Moms Network. All opinions are, as always my own. 


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