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Limitless Learning At The Four Seasons Philadelphia

It’s been so nice to travel again with my family! For work, we often spent a great deal of time in hotels. Itching to travel again, one specific hotel that has been on my radar since its opening last year is the Four Seasons Philadelphia. Philly has always been on my list of weekend getaways because its less than a two hour car from New York City, so when I heard about Four Seasons’ new Limitless Learning program for families, I figured there is no time like the present.

Limitless Learning 

Their Limitless Learning Program offers parents the opportunity for their children to experience remote learning in a way that’s as world class as everything else the Four Seasons has to offer. Since our kids are remote learning three days week, why not sneak in a luxury stay, while they learn “in school” at the same time. The one-of-a-kind educational experience complete with curated itineraries, custom amenities, thoughtful learning environments, and hands-on experiences, so the kids can enjoy learning through travel. The kids really enjoyed sitting the lounge on a separate floor, specially allocated for home schooling youngsters. With private desks and plenty of crayons and pens, it was like school with a view!


When we stepped into the hotel, we were greeted by a visual feast of stunning installations created by Artistic Director and celebrity floral designer Jeff Leatham around every corner. The modern flair of every area was absolutely breathtaking. Clean lines and bold accents created a space that was both chic and inviting – just the kind of atmosphere I love. Four Seasons Philadelphia is definitely high style, while remaining warm and inviting, with a friendly staff always eager to help the hotel’s guests. In the era of a global pandemic, we’ve remained diligent in taking all the necessary precautions to keep our family safe, and I am very pleased to report that my family and I felt extremely safe throughout the entirety of our stay. Our temperatures were checked daily and social distancing was enforced. Guest rooms cleanings were arranged during hours when guests were away from the hotel, to minimize contact with others.

Even our check-in was an experience was unique. rather than checking in at a ground level front desk, the lobby is situated the tippy top of the building, on the 60th Floor. The kids were beyond thrilled flying up the elevator that felt like a rollercoaster! Sitting atop the Comcast Technology Center, the hotel is the highest situated hotel in North America, and I can tell you first hand that the views are unlike any hotel I’ve ever experienced.


Following check in, we wasted no time changing into our bathing suits for a dip in the pool! I mean, floating above the city in an infinity pool located on the 57th floor! Come on! The kids splashed around the pool area and the view never got old. Afterwards, we ordered customized bento boxes from the hotel for lunch, which we enjoyed poolside!

Adventure Aquarium 

As part of our Limitless Learning itinerary, The Four Seasons Philadelphia arranged an incredible learning experience for my kids with a trip to the Adventure Aquarium. Located just 15 minutes away in Camden. Our family and I discovered unique exhibits around every turn, including the largest collection of sharks in the Northeast, Little Blue penguins, Nile hippos and more. Considering the kids spent the entire morning at the hotel on school Zoom calls, the aquarium was like an afternoon field trip!

Back in our adjoining suites of this world class hotel was an experience on its own. The spacious accommodations shared the same modern elegance found throughout the common areas of the hotel, and while the furniture and bed were sleek and modern, it did not sacrifice comfort in their pursuit of aesthetics. A combination that you don’t often find.


Four Seasons Hotels are known for their exquisite dining, and Four Seasons Philadelphia was no exception. With fine dining options from such names as Michelin starred Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and James Beard Award-winner Greg Nernick, the hotel has become an epicenter of culinary excellence in the city.  Our meals were superb, perfectly balanced, and unbelievably delicious. On our first evening in town, we dined on the 60th Floor at JG Sky-high, a chic and comfortable lounge specializing in casual Jean-Georges cuisine. Featuring snacks and small plates that pair perfectly with extensive wine and cocktail offerings, the lounge was a lovely setting to soak up sights of Philadelphia’s sparkling skyline.

The next morning was filled with school Zoom calls, while Jason and I worked simultaneously. Sure, this has been everyday since mid March, but there’s just something about changing the scenery of your everyday routines which made a major difference. Not to mention waking up and ordering room service for all of us, rather than spending the morning in the kitchen was fabulous!

Mural Arts Walking Tour

If you walk or drive around Philly, you see murals painted on walls and building throughout the city. After virtual school, we set up a Mural Arts Walking Tour. Mural Arts Philadelphia is the nation’s largest public art program, dedicated to the belief that art ignites change, and since its inception over 35 years ago, more than 3,600 murals have been created. Our tour lasted two hours, and we only touched on a quarter of the murals in the city. The kids absolutely loved this tour so much, and believe it or not, Gemma was the one asking the most questions. We were so proud of her!


Pizza + Movie Night!

That evening it was pizza, movie, and popcorn night, right in our hotel room! BUT, not just any pizza. This was pizza Jean Georges style! Pizza topped with truffles, sides of broccoli rabe, and mounds of pasta and salad. It was beyond delicious. Following diner, the kids were treated to a variety of popcorn and candy, for seriously the ultimate movie night extravaganza!

Four Seasons Philadelphia is a world class hotel like no other. With fine dining, sweeping views and a welcoming staff, are just the beginning. The Limitless Learning Program is the perfect excuse to plan a getaway during the weekdays, and not feeling guilty pulling your kids out of school. And a little spa session and relaxation for the grown ups doesn’t hurt either. I think everyone deserves a little pampering after this wild year!

Big Thank you to Four Seasons Philadelphia for hotel and accommodations. Our family will never forget this incredible experience! 

This post was originally published November 18th, 2020.

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  1. Four Seasons Philadelphia sounds like an amazing hotel! I love that the entire family can relax in luxury, AND the kids can still stay on top of their studies.

  2. What a fun time! And what a great place to stay. I’ve always wanted to visit Philadelphia. I just love all the history there.

  3. The view from the room where the kids homeschooled is so pretty! It sounds like your time in Philadelphia was both fun and educational.

  4. This was such a lush getaway for you all and I could tell from the smiles on your children’s face that you had an amazing time and the limitless learning is simply brilliant!

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous place. Now this would be a place to go. I love it! I would love to be able to stay there sometime and I know my kids would really love it too.

  6. Very beautiful place. I wish I can go here to spent with my family.. The kids will enjoy it 100 %… The spot is very amazing

  7. What amazing views from that pool! I got a kick out of that picture with you all in your matching hotel robes. So cute.

  8. Zoom lessons are a must nowadays. That’s why it’s so important to have the right location with the right space for everyone that are online and need their privacy and a good connection!

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