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Life Lessons

Yesterday was the first day of school for both my big kids. Ryder is entering the 1st grade and Siella is in her second year of preschool. I’ve been preparing for their first day of school for what it feels like the entire summer. Our home has been loaded up with new backpacks, clothes, lunch boxes, and school supplies, but what I didn’t prepare for were the emotions that would come along with it. The morning before school was upon us, and I woke up thinking that we had less than 24 hours left of our summer vacation. I was not ready to give us our carefree summer days. I was, and still am, a complete wreck that Ryder is now entering 1st grade. Now, he’s now considered a big kid, and it’s all just happening so quickly. So, I did what any mom would do (not really!), and I packed up everyone, and headed to the beach. Probably not the most conventional idea, but you know what, it was just what we all needed.



The beach is everyone’s happy place. Jason and I are relaxed, and the kids play for hours searching for sea shells and digging for sand crabs. After the beach, we went out for a nice family dinner at a local lobster shack. It was the perfect send off to summer! The kids and us were calm and ready for the next day.



We had some apprehension about heading to the beach, because we knew we would get home a bit on the late side at night, but a it turned out Ryder and Siella were up and ready to conquer their first day of school. Jason made breakfast, while I tackled the lunches and we were all ready 15 minutes earlier than expected. If this is any indication of the year ahead, I couldn’t be happier. Summer closed, fall open!



Ryder walked through the doors of his school with a fierce confidence in his eyes, and didn’t look back once. He came home happy that he had seen all of his friends, and told me all about his new teacher. I still have a pit in my stomach thinking about how rough it will be once the homework assignments start, but I think as long as we are on top of it, and provide him with the services he needs, he will do just fine. Maybe I will even stop worrying!


Siella was thrilled to go back to her pre-school and see her friends and teachers. Sure, pre-school can be overwhelming for some, but I’m not worried for a second about my sassy little girl. She exceeds in everything she does, and I’m so proud to be her mama. Gemma, I’m sure, will miss her siblings during the day, but I’ve enrolled her in a few classes we can enjoy together.


As parents, we inherently try to teach and guide our children, but sometimes we are learning lessons from them. I will always look back at our beach day as a reminder. It taught me not to panic about the road ahead, embrace it, finish what you started, and to always refer back to our happy place, the beach. I am so thankful for this incredible summer, and look forward to what awaits in the upcoming school year!


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  1. The beach has been my go to place for quite sometime now. There is definitely calming about it and my kids enjoy it as well.

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