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King Kong On Broadway

My love for all things Broadway has grown over the years. I’ve even managed to spark an interest in the kids.The entire experience of watching the action unfold right in front of us is what completely captivates us all. Living in New York City, and fairly close to the theater district is something that I never take for granted.
King Kong On Broadway | Stroller In The City
With the ever changing line up of Broadway shows, I always try to see the latest and greatest. Our most recent endeavor took us to the Broadway Theatre, for King Kong on Broadway.
King Kong On Broadway | Stroller In The City
Prior to a show, I try not to read too many reviews or look at photos or videos from the performance, to avoid spoilers. When King Kong actually made an appearance on stage, we were totally shocked! You guys, it’s seriously something you’ve never seen before, and must experience in person!
Ryder and Siella sat with their mouths literally wide open throughout the entire show because the ape puppet (yes, it is a massive puppet) spanned over 30 feet tall, and weighed just north of two tons. I don’t think my descriptions or photos really do it justice! You have to check it out for yourself.
King Kong On Broadway | Stroller In The City
The story is set in the early 1930’s, amidst the Great Depression in New York City, where pressures are high and hope struggles to persevere. Ann Darrow is the only woman with a strong enough will and dreams high enough to combat the current times. She gets her big break in the movie business through Carl Denham, who promises her stardom. She and Carl venture to Skull Island for a film project, only to find the island inhabited by a massive ape. I’ll leave it at that, because I don’t want to spoil the rest!
King Kong On Broadway | Stroller In The City
Drew McOnie does a stellar job merging animatronics and puppetry with music to fill the stage in exhilarating content. The music was curated by producer Marius De Vries from La La Land, and songwriter Eddie Perfect from Beetlejuice the musical!
King Kong is running on Broadway through August. Tickets start at $49, for some of the most thrilling two hours you may ever experience on the Great White Way.

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King Kong On Broadway | Stroller In The City

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  1. Wow I have been when I was younger but now living in the south I don’t get to go like ever. Thank you for the nostalgic moments. Looks like you had an awesome time.

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