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Kids Winter Reads

Curling up with a great book in the winter season is unbeatable. Winding down from the day is really important for young readers. Books are an escape from reality and they are great. Specifically, one thing I love about books is that you can learn a lot from them. Moreover, the morals and lessons can be really important and helpful for things we have a hard time articulating. Seasonal books can be really fun, especially winter picture books for little ones! But more than beautiful illustrations, the words have an impact on young children. It’s always the perfect time to pick up a book! Furthermore, we’re revamping the bookshelf with good books to fill the days of winter with. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and have a winter adventure with this winter book list!

Life Lessons

Firstly, kids of all ages can learn so much from a simple story. The winter weather can be rough and getting to curl up to relax from the day is a great way to spend your time. Secondly, a beautiful book can teach things like history, science, provide information about woodland animals and of course fairy tales. But as a parent, for a book to articulate what I may have a difficult time with, that can be very helpful.

Moreover, cultures and race are topics that may be hard to explain to our kids, but we are all created equal and everyone deserves to celebrate themselves and their accomplishments. A nonfiction book can teach that! Some of my kids’ favorite books are those that aren’t just a silly story. They are full of information. Specifically, I find it’s so much better to have your kids really like the books they are reading so it doesn’t feel like homework! Even an interactive book can teach life lessons.


Furthermore, if you have little one’s beautiful illustrations may be a priority for you! It keeps them entertained and are so much fun! Some of the best winter books are more than a delightful story. For instance, they have lovely illustrations, maybe an itsy bitsy snowman and a red sled. Winter-themed picture books are great to teach about the seasons! The first time kids see a lot of things like the most perfect snowman or different animals could be through a book. What’s your favorite illustrative books?

Chapter Books

For the older kids and young readers, chapter books are important! It improves their reading skills and also helps them read at different levels. Doing this improves their comprehension, as well. For example, find books with fun tales like ice cream or detectives. Things they will enjoy reading in their free time!

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Firstly, resilience is everything! Teaching our children that they can do whatever they put their minds to is an incredible lesson and this book does a great job at helping teach it.
Secondly, love grows where you tend to it. I think an important lesson is learning how to not only love but also receive it.
I love little alphabet books! And what better book than one to celebrate women as we appraoch Women’s History Month!
Did you know Matthew McConaughey wrote a children’s book? It’s all about how we can feel several emotions at once, like anxious and excited!
Celebrating how we are all different is amazing. But finding fun ways we are the same is also really fun and this book welcomes both!
Little Pookie is such a cute series! We love learning new things from Pookie and it’s perfect for Easter!
My girls love Taylor Swift so anything that involves her, we have to have! Golden books are also great collectibles.
Who doesn’t love ice cream? There are 6 stories involved, where a boy travels the world with his nanny in search of the best ice cream!
Specifically, did anyone else need bed time books for their kids? It’s great to introduce bed time to them and talk about the importance of a good night’s sleep as well as wind down from the day.
Furthermore, everyone is different and we need to celebrate that! We are all beautiful in our own ways and that’s what makes us each unique.
Moereover, we need to stop and enjoy life more. A new tree is growing and the humans are so busy that they don’t stop to connect with nature!
Finally, the moon is seen all over the world. It changes each night, yet it’s still the same and it’s a part of what connects us as human beings. Let’s learn more about the moon!
Lullaby books are perfect for bed time! The illustrations are dream-like and you can download the songs to listen to!

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