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June Force

Every year, the month of June seems to come in with a sense of vengeance, and leaves us all scrambling. It’s probably one of our busiest family months, second to December. This month, I think I am more overcome by the craziness, because we were away for the last ten days, and we’ve returned to an abundance of tasks and to-do lists.

In addition to baseball practice and games, Ryder has plenty of activities planned for the final two weeks of school. With the year winding down, I know he is now moving in the right direction. He will continue eye therapy and tutoring over the summer, but he will take a break from his therapist, because to be completely honest, he needs a break. The summer is a special time for a child and I want him to enjoy his fun in the sun, without running to countless doctors appointments.


Siella just graduated from pre-pre K, and we are anxiously awaiting a response from the DOE, to know where she will be attending preschool. On the heels of her first ever ballet recital this past weekend, she is getting ready to say goodbye to her dance buddies on Thursday, at her last class before the summer break. And, with her birthday next Tuesday, we are prepping for a little princess party. She’s so excited, but truth told, I am a little sad, because I look at her in disbelieve that she’s about to turn 4 and ready to enter pre-K come fall.


While squaring away teacher’s gifts, yearbooks, summer camps and mini vacations, I’ve already started signing up for each of their extra curricular fall classes. So far, Ryder has enrolled in soccer, as he has really enjoyed being part of a team throughout this baseball season. Siella and Gemma will continue their dance classes, as well as swim classes. I am sure more classes and activities will pile on, setting us up for another full plate in September.

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As I watch the kids continue to grow, I feel like each milestone and season leaves me an emotional disaster. I know it’s all part of the process, but especially in the recent months, with Gemma chatting away and almost out of diapers, I feel it is moving too quickly for me. With this, and some of our impending childcare changes, I couldn’t be more stressed.

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But I know once June’s forceful gust has passed, I will have my babies, almost schedule free for 2 months. In fact, lately, I have come to wonder if my love for the summer comes from the warm weather, or the freedom from shuffling the kids to appointments all over the city. We can start to enjoy our neighborhood again, and visit with friends we haven’t seen during the busy, blistery winter. So looking forward to this summer with my loves!

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3 thoughts on “June Force”

  1. I am so with you! With end of school year, activities and just family fun June is so crazy! At least you have lots of pictures to show them when they are bigger.

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