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It’s A Pillow, It’s A Pet!

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My kids have had Pillow Pets for as long as I can remember. These soft cuddly, multi functional pillows transform into stuffed animals for pretend play. With 3 kids, I thought I had seen every Pillow Pets character over the years, but I was pleasantly surprised to see plenty of new additions, during my collar with them at this year’s Toy Fair in NYC.

Review: Pillow Pets

Now, there are Sweet Scented Pillow Pets that come with a scent patch on the paw filled with subtle yet yummy sweet scents. They are available in fun flavors such as Strawberry Milkshake Cow, Blueberry Muffin Bear and Cotton Candy Unicorn.

Review: Pillow Pets

You can find Pillow Pets characters from your favorite preschool television show like Disney’s Mickey or Minnie, the pups from Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol, a genie from Shimmer and Shine or a pizza-loving turtle from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They even make pets from your favorite films like Trolls or Frozen. And let’s not forget the holiday themed ones like the Bunnies, Reindeer Pets, and Halloween themed. For an added touch, you can customize your child’s Pillow Pet, by having their name sewed on it!

Review: Pillow PetsReview: Pillow Pets Review: Pillow Pets

And for the first time, Pillow Pets is launching products specifically designed for babies, called My First Pillow Pet and Naturals Pillow Pets. My First Pillow Pet is a new soft and soothing line, available in three sizes, 5-inch, 11-inch and the classic 18-inch. They come in beautiful pastel colors, which can match any nursery décor. The Naturals Pillow Pets are soft and cuddly animals in two different sizes, 11-inch and 18-inch, made from soft Sherpa materials, ideal for babies to snuggle, or to decorate their room. Both the My First Pillow Pet and Naturals Pillow Pets are appropriate for kids of all ages.

Review: Pillow Pets Review: Pillow Pets

My favorite new line of the bunch is the Sleeptime Lites night light animal pillows, which my kiddies now use each and every night before bed. These pets light up their room with a rainbow of stars on the walls and ceiling, so no one is afraid of the dark. The built-in timer shuts down after 20-minutes, giving them enough time to drift off to sleep.

Review: Pillow Pets

With all these new fluffy friends to choose from, I can honestly say Pillow Pets have become my new go to gift for birthdays, and holidays. I think the Easter bunny may leave some in the Easter baskets next month! Which pet is your favorite?

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9 thoughts on “It’s A Pillow, It’s A Pet!”

  1. Pillow Pets are the best! My daughters have several, and I even have a couple. I think they’re super cute.

  2. Melissa Chapman

    Your kids are great models for the Pillow Pets and they really look like they are having so much fun with them. I have to get some for my nieces and nephews.

  3. We used to have Pillow Pets but then I thought my daughter outgrew them. However, I love the idea of the Sleeptime Lites Pillow Pets and will need to get her one.

  4. My girls had so many Pillow Pets when they were kids. I am glad to see that they are still being produced for more generations to love!

  5. That’s the kind of pillow that my youngest will go crazy for! I love that they have different kinds as well. I can’t wait to show these to my daughter and see what she’ll pick!

  6. Ive heard of pet pillows before! I think its adorable and my cousin just turned 6 I believe she would really like one of these.

  7. Our Family World

    Oh how cute those pillows are! I love that they even light up the room’s ceiling and walls with colorful stars. That would be so calming for a young child. I will get one of these pillow pets and give it as a gift for a niece who will turn 3 in April.

  8. So cute pillows. Adorable kids too. My daughter had 1… Olaf, was given by my mom. She loves it so much.

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