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How To Have A More Sustainable Lifestyle

The world feels very daunting right now. Everything from the coronavirus, winter, and climate change has me feeling all sorts of ways. As my kids are getting older, they’re also starting to ask important questions around these subjects. As a family, we have decided to become more eco-friendly. The future of my children (and their children) depends on our planet and what we did to help preserve its beauty. They say its doesn’t take everyone doing everything to make a difference, just everyone doing a little. My kids have become so proud about doing their part! Here are some easy ways our family is keeping things green!

Big families don’t have to come with tons of overused plastic. These silicon reusable sandwich bags can be used for just about anything! And are dishwasher safe!
Beeswax food wraps are another great eco-friendly solution to leftovers, lunchbox snacks, and more. Saran wrap can easily become something of the past!
Many states have now banned straws, and for good reason. Paper straws don’t always last, but this Final Straw definitely will. Folds easily into a keychain size and includes it’s own cleaning brush.
New York has officially banned plastic bags, and we are now paying 5 cents for a paper bag. Baggu is a leading brand of reusable bags. With so many fun colors and prints theres definitely bag for everyone!
Sustainable fashion is the trendiest fashion! Allbirds offers great quality sneakers from recycled material. They’re machine washable and also come in a variety of styles and colors.
Tervis is my favorite brand for all things cups, tumblers, sports bottles, and more. With a large variety of shapes, and hundreds of designs, you’ll never need another throw away cup ever again.
I love this bar shampoo and conditioner trend. Not only is it totally eco-friendly, avoiding the large plastic bottles, but it’s also very convenient when traveling!
Say goodbye to all the non-recyclable throw away wipes! This bamboo cotton makeup remover pads are not only better for the environment but softer on your skin!
Most cleaning products come with harsh ingredients and at the very least big plastic bottles or containers. But with Blueland’s Cleaning kit you get reusable glass bottles and clean products that are safe through out your home.
Paper towels are horrible on the planet. They’re not recyclable and we often use too many of them. These kitchen cloths are durable and much better option in going green.
We all know to separate our plastics, glass, and cardboard, but are you composting? Composting is one of the most enfluencial ways you can help in living a green lifestyle.
Food production is one of the leading issues to climate change. Making small steps towards becoming more responsible eaters is a very easy way of giving back to our planet.
Bread is definitely a gift, and so is mother earth. The reusable bread bag makes a great gift for any home!
The single use plastic produce bags are so awful for our planet. They are a complete waste and harm to recycling efforts. These a great eco-friendly option.

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18 thoughts on “How To Have A More Sustainable Lifestyle”

  1. the joyous living

    your list is great. i love all the ideas you’ve posted. do the forever straws taste like anything? i know the paper straws always taste so foul.

  2. Sustainability is a wonderful practice we are all responsible for and something we all benefit from. Every day we do something in our lives that affect the environment, the climate and other species. If we go for sustainable life then we can save all the three environment, climate and species.

  3. thanks for sharing these great tips and things, as we all have to keep our planet and even this small things can help .

  4. Tiffany La Forge-Grau

    I love the sustainable lifestyle. It really challenges us to improve our way of living and has a lot of great benefits.

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