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Holistic Healing on the Upper East Side

Holistic healing has always been a big thing for me. I’m not a person who avoids modern medicine, but I am a firm believer that holistic approaches can help prevent disease and physical ailments to the body as well as be a great first option to remedying certain issues. I’ve long been a fan of acupuncture, massage, and other forms of holistic healthcare approaches, which is why I’m so excited that there’s a brand new option right here on the Upper East Side.

ORA offers a variety of holistic health and beauty services ranging from acupuncture and facials to cold therapies, and even teas and tonics, and they’re all designed to help you live your best life as naturally as possible. They welcome all comers, from those who have never taken a pill to those who simply want to try something new to feel better. They’re here for everyone. I was so excited to spend a morning being treated by Ora with some of my best gals!

ORA offers traditional acupuncture to help you balance your chi, reducing anxiety, stress, and depression while helping with focus, balancing hormones, and promoting overall wellness. In addition to adult packages, they offer teen packages, as well which is very nice. Their space is so calming and relaxing, such a great place to unwind and check in.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of the ancient healing art, cupping which helps increase blood flow to targeted areas of the body. It’s great for athletes and those who have specific areas of muscle pain. For targeted muscle and joint pain relief via increased circulation, Gua Sha is also an option. Finally, ORA’s E-STEM procedure can also be used to help the muscles, offering a targeted electrical current which induces a muscle twitch. It’s ideal for muscle spasms, tight muscles, or post-injury therapy.

ORA also offers targeted acupuncture facials that combine acupuncture, gua sha, facial cupping, LED light, and lymphatic drainage massage to promote a more youthful appearance through an all-encompassing approach. After that, patients have the option of scheduling regular maintenance treatments to help keep them on the right track.

Finally, ORA offers a line of teas and tonics that target specific concerns. Their blends help with things like boosting the immune system, calming, focus, digestion help, and more. It’s all a part of their whole-body approach to health.

It was such a fun and healing morning! I’m so excited about ORA,  its holistic healing and beauty options, and I think you will be, too. They’re right here on the Upper East Side, so head over and see what they can do for you.

Thank you Candidly for capturing this special morning!

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  1. I find myself to be in the middle. I appreciate medicine but also like to try alternative holistic ways of healing illnesses or in trying to avoid them.

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