Holiday of ’17 Captured

With all the build up and prep that goes into the holidays, it’s hard to believe that Christmas was already 3 days ago. It feels like I was shopping, baking and wrapping for a month straight, and now we will move into the New Year. I do have one thing to hold onto from our 2017 holiday season, which are these sweet photos from Flytographer.

For the holidays and through January 6th, Flytographer is offering New York City clients holiday routes that feature iconic movie backdrops across Manhattan. The kids are obsessed with the Home Alone movies, so choosing our route was easy. Remember those scenes from Central Park and The Plaza Hotel?!

Our first Flytographer experiences was while vacationing in Santa Monica two years ago, and more recently this past summer. In fact, a photo from our summer session made it on our Christmas cards this year. Flytogrpaher are super easy to work with, staffing freelance photographers throughout their expansive database, so they can be hired almost anywhere in the world. Sessions are affordable, and all three of our sessions have yield priceless photos.

I mean can these two photos be any more cuter. The kids started giggling when they saw mom and dad kiss, leading to them singing “Mom and Dad sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…” It was pretty funny.

I was seriously blown away when I downloaded and opened the link to our photos. Almost all of the shots from our 3o minute session were keepers!

These photos are my most cherished Christmas gift this year! Thank you Flytographer!


Me: Skirt, Jacket (similar), Shoes, Hat

Girls Dresses, Siella’s shoes

Ryder’s Outfit: Sweater, Pants, Sneakers

Jason’s Jacket, Sweater, Shoes


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