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Holiday Keepsakes

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In our small NYC apartment, there is half of a closet dedicated to only Christmas decorations. Since I am so sentimental, I still have ornaments from my childhood, and each year, I buy a new one for each child, which symbolizes what they were into over the past 12 months. This year, Ryder started playing baseball, Siella flourished in her 2nd year of ballet, and Gemma continued her obsession of baby dolls, all shapes and sizes. When we decorate the tree, it is magical to witness them unwrapping their keepsakes from the year prior. In addition to traditional tree ornaments, we’ve started to accumulate other holiday decor like snow globes, hot coco mugs, and toys that only come out this time of year. Sure, it’s a great time for the kids, but as a parents, we are fortunate enough to be a part of the excitement, as the little ones build their holiday memories that they will cherish for years to come.

SW_nP_RockCenterStoreEvent-38 FullSizeRender

The Hallmark Gold Crown shop is a mandatory spot during the holiday season. I always seem to find that something special, for the children, or for friends and family. This year, the kids and I were invited to a sneak preview their newest Christmas decor called Northpole at Hallmark’s super festive Rockefellar Plaza location. From the moment we walked through the doors, the kids were pretty much blown away! The new toys are so brilliantly crafted, and so many are interactive that at times, they actually thought they were talking directly to Santa’s helpers in the North Pole!

SW_nP_RockCenterStoreEvent-41 SW_nP_RockCenterStoreEvent-8

In addition to tons of play time in the store, the kids were invited to take some of Northpole magic home with them. I’m looking forward to hooking up the “Treeluminator,” which helps the kids count down the days until Christmas, while lighting your own tree. Pretty Neat! Watching my children play with the “The Dance Like An Elf” toy is hilarious as they act out poses like pretend to ski down the mountain. My most coveted items from the collection are the interactive storybooks. Reading books before bed is the norm in our house, but reading holiday books is always a heart warming event for my family, and these stories usually send them to bed with sugar plums dancing.


SW_nP_RockCenterStoreEvent-36 SW_nP_RockCenterStoreEvent-7

I am confident, that next year, and years after, when they unveil their once a year keepsakes, they will recall the joyous afternoon we spent in the Rockefeller Plaza Hallmark Gold Crown shop.


And as if that wasn’t enough, the kids were even photographed as a part of the Hallmark social media ads this Christmas season! Those photographs captured the holiday essence, in an environment that can only be created by Hallmark.


Thank you Hallmark for sponsoring this post and bringing Northpole magic to my children. 

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  1. Your children are absolutely adorable and i love the idea and getting something special for them each year. So sweet!

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