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Holiday Books For Mom’s

What are you getting all the mama’s in your life? I have always loved giving and receiving a great book. I love the idea of escaping to far away places (specially this year) through an imaginative story. I also truly believe cookbooks full of recipes to be one of the best gifts someone can receive. Everyone loves sitting around a new delicious meal. Whether you love a fiction, biography, recipes, or even poems, this list has something for everyone.

Happy shopping and happy reading!

After finding a soldiers journal, daughter of a veteran Sophie, feels an immediate connection to this unknown stranger. Follow along as their story unfolds.
Whats a better gift than a book full of delicious brunch recipes? With 100 recipes to choose from this is a brunch must have!
25 years ago Jane put her dreams on hold to take over the family business, a local bookstore. But when the building is sold to a new owner, what will Jane do?
I love a good history lesson on how women won equal rights. Celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage with this great read!
Get to know Jenny Slate in a whole new light with her debut book. This will have you laughing about the pain and beauty that is life!
The must read story of powerful women from around the country that despite trauma, found strength in their difficult times and transformed their experiences into paying it forward for others.
In todays society, keeping busy is a badge of honor. But are your busiest days your happiest? This book will help you identify how to find joy in slowing down and prioritizing your time.
We sometimes use the “Last Meal” question as a conversation starter. But what would your last song be? 30 musicians give you an inside explanations to their last songs.
Elliot Reed thinks she’s living her best life, thats until professional quarterback Quinton comes along and challenges her perspective.
This is the ultimate reminder of self love and grace. Rupi Kaur has the amazing capability of breaking down the human soul and its wonders.
A we all continue to educate ourselves and our families about the important racial issues in our country this is a must read!
I have always found baking books to be amazing gifts and/or stocking stuffers. And in a year where we are all putting our baking skills to the test, this is a great tool!

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8 thoughts on “Holiday Books For Mom’s”

  1. Erik the Hungry Traveller

    My mom loves to read books and there was a time that she just sits on her little nook the whole day to read. Ive seen some interesting book suggestions and i do hope its available in my side of the world.

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