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Heating Up Father’s Day!

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Father’s Day is just two weeks away. We usually go away for the weekend, or to our family’s houses for a BBQ, but this year it somehow crept up on us, and plans are still up in the air. I know Gemma is busy at school making a homemade gift for her Dada, while Siella and Ryder are secretly plotting a little gift too. Every year, my go to gifts are sneakers or sunglasses but this time around, I want to spice things up!

Father's Day Gift For Dads Who Grill Father's Day Gift For Dads Who Grill

Both Jason and my father love to BBQ. They are all about grilling on the weekends. Burgers, dogs, steaks, veggies- you name it, they grill it! The two of them even have a secret ribs marinade they’ve been perfecting for years!

Father's Day Gift For Dads Who Grill

One thing they both always have on the table when eating BBQ, or most meals for that matter, is a good hot sauce! Jason is all about hot sauce, and has even gotten Ryder into super spicy food. In fact, he and Ryder recently visited a hot sauce expo, which I thought was absolutely hilarious!

Father's Day Gift For Dads Who GrillFather's Day Gift For Dads Who GrillFather's Day Gift For Dads Who Grill

So for Father’s Day, I found the absolute perfect gift. Its called Fuego Box! The concept was created by a guy who went down the hot sauce rabbit hole, born from an early obsession, branching out to the likes of Cholla, Crystal, and Sriracha. Fuego Box brings obscure, emerging hot sauces to your hot sauce shelf (you all have one, right?!). They focus on flavor over heat, avoiding gimmicky hot sauces. Feugo has a variety of gifts on their site, including Spicy Box of Awesome which contains a limited edition rustic wood crate full of small-batch spicy greatness. It combines one of the world’s most amazing hot sauces with spicy honey, ghost pepper salt, chili oil, and the world’s first dry hot sauce to the All Star Crate, which has five all-star hot sauces in a custom wooden box.

Father's Day Gift For Dads Who Grill

My favorite gift idea in their arsenal is the Three Month Subscription Hot Sauce Gift Box! Three new hot sauces will be shipped monthly for three months. Inside the box you’ll find a description of each sauce, with suggestions on which foods pair best. It even comes with a mini book called the Hot Sauce Log, where you can track and rate your new favorite sauce based on heat and flavor factors. It’s actually pretty neat! I almost forgot- there are even sampler packets of a 4th sauce, to get a sneak peak at.

Father's Day Gift For Dads Who GrillFather's Day Gift For Dads Who Grill

So if you are still searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift and your man likes the heat, then this is just perfect for them! Super excited to have teamed up with Fuego Box and will be giving all SITC readers $10 off their first box! Enter code “STROLLER” at check out. And Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!

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12 thoughts on “Heating Up Father’s Day!”

  1. I am game to try those sauces, we love grilling and Father’s Day is the perfect time to do it! Thankful that you shared these options for summer season, just in time too!

  2. BBQ is always awesome especially since it’s the dads who are cooking! I think it’s great that you guys have a lot of time eating like this during the summer. It’s nice to spend time with the family as much as you can! The hot sauces sound powerful but worth a try!

  3. Ohh what a fun Idea for fathers day I bet my hubby would surely love this and loves grilling. Thanks for this idea.

  4. We love spicy food and we sure would love to try that Fuego Box. I love that they focus more on flavor than heat, so that sounds fantastic to me. Thanks for the discount code!

  5. Annemarie LeBlanc

    This looks like a perfect spice box for my husband. I am sure he will be more than willing to share it with our sons. They love hot and spicy food and it amuses me to see them sweat when they eat a “hot” meal. I’m getting a Fuego Box for my family to enjoy!

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