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Healthy Hair, Happy Family

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Hair care at home is so important for keeping your hair healthy and strong in between cuts, but sometimes, it’s hard to take care of it as well as we’d like. Between my husband’s work, my blogging/fashion career, my kids’ ’video classes, and all the other balls we regularly juggle in a day, hair care at home sometimes becomes nothing more than a quick wash. These past few months, we definitely missed our regular cuts, and I for sure missed my deep conditioning salon time. ​
Thankfully, BJ’s Wholesale Club makes hair care at home easier by saving me time, money, and hassle, so I – and by extension, my family – have more time to actually take care of our hair like humans. With all the distractions we have in our lives, more TLC is exactly what our hair needs right now, and with BJ’s, it’s so much easier to do.​

BJ’s has a huge selection of salon-quality hair care products from the brands we all know and trust, and they’re all designed to help us keep our hair as healthy and beautiful as it can be, whatever that looks like to us. From products that deeply nourish and condition to products that control frizz, add bounce, keep our colored hair vibrant, strengthen our hair, and more, the selection you’ll find at BJ’s will have exactly what you and the rest of your family members need to make hair care at home easier and more effective. Another huge bonus is that some of these products have vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free formulas, as well.​

All of these products are from Unilever, a leading company in hair care products, and they come in those great club-sizes that always give us added value, and there are instant savings offers, too. This is why I shop at BJ’s so often. They make it easy to get everything I need quickly, efficiently, and at a better value.​

I have to say all three of my children have inherited my genes when it comes to hair. We all have super thick, wavy hair, and that sometimes frizzes up in the humidity. When it comes to maintaining their healthy hair, Siella and Gemma love Suave Kids 3-in-one because it makes bath time super quick having the shampoo and condition all in one. I’ve found SheaMoisture Shampoo and Condition for Ryder to tame his thick hair. And for myself TRESemmé to make my frizzy curls silky smooth. ​

Those are only some of the great Unilever hair care products you can find at BJ’s. With so many options available and a great deal on top of that, now is the time to head to BJ’s and get your hair care products now. When you buy any three eligible products, you’ll save up to $16. That’s a great deal! So head over to BJ’s and start making hair care at home easy and more affordable than ever.


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16 thoughts on “Healthy Hair, Happy Family”

  1. Wow! These stuff looks so promising, especially the butter shampoo and conditioner. Great addition to our hair care regime that definitely makes the job done.

  2. I´ve heard a lot about Unilever! Sounds great, especially on my dry, damaged hair. I wonder if I could get it in Europe…

  3. Sounds like great products for keeping hair healthy and nourished. Thank you for sharing this. I will definitely check it out.

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