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Happy From Head To Toe

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Regardless of how much we learn as parents, it seems like something unexpected will always arise with kids, that will keep us on our toes. Like most new mothers, when my first child Ryder was born, I was nervous about everything I did for him, from the different milestones to the baby skin care products I used.

When Siella was born, I figured things would go smoother, since I had a few years under my belt, but when she was diagnosed with an extreme case of reflux, of course I wasn’t prepared for that. Finally, by the time Gemma came around, I figured I knew it all.  I was more relaxed, so I didn’t blink an eye when the doctor told me she too had reflux, but it was her super sensitive skin and constant diaper rash which had me perplexed.

We were continuously testing different products, to determine which ones worked on her baby skin. By the time you have second and third children, you become accustomed to using certain brands, but sensitive skin, you need to adjust the routines to figure out which product that will help keep them comfortable from severe irritation and diaper rash.

How To Eliminate Diaper Rash Quickly

The one brand that saved Gemma severe diaper rash was Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Ointment which eliminates diaper rash quickly, and for her, it frequently fixed the problem overnight. It goes on like a cream, protects like an ointment, and it’s easy to apply, without the unpleasant odor. 

I also used Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray which soothes, treats and prevents diaper rash with an easy, touch-free application, which is a pretty unique delivery of the effective zinc oxide ointment. With Gemma still in pull ups overnight, and in the final steps of potty training, I continue to use Dr. Smith’s as a preventative for an infrequent accident. Both products are pediatrician-developed and parents and babies love it too. 
How To Eliminate Diaper Rash QuicklyHow To Eliminate Diaper Rash Quickly

Each one of my children had different needs, but our little playtime routines we’ve tried to keep similar, with little adjustments along the way. From the time they were little babies, it was important that they were happy from head to toe. Some of their favorite activities from a young age were our sing-a-long music classes, which have since transitioned into dance parties. My reading to the kids at bedtime has now taken a new form, with Ryder reading stories to his little sisters. Our favorite stroller route along the path on the Hudson River is still heavily traveled, only now the kids are barreling down the path on scooters, rather than stroller seats. We are continuing to make time for the things that bring us happiness in our busy schedules, as we try to balance everything.

How To Eliminate Diaper Rash QuicklyHaving been around for over a half of a century, Dr. Smith’s is still continuing to make babies comfortable and happy from head to toe, and I know because it continues to Gemma rash free. The brand is sold across the country, and can be purchased at places like Target, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby and more.

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