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Going Under The…..

Anyone who’s had children knows that pregnancy takes a toll on your body. From stretch marks to loose belly muscles and grey hairs, our bodies go through the ringer. Even when some women seem to bounce right back after pregnancy, they are still never quite the same. Weight fluctuation and hormones can effect your body and especially your skin. And I swear, years of sleep deprivation and stress take a toll, too!


I recently had a little…work done with Allergan. OK don’t get crazy it was just one teeny-tiny, itty-bitty botox injection that is hardly noticeable but it makes just enough of a difference that I feel and look, rested.

It’s funny how the whole experience happened. I went into Dr. Shafer’s Plastic Surgery office, for what was going to be just for a consultation and with no intentions of getting botox right there and then. After chatting with him for a while, and showing him the one line in between my eyebrows that bothered me, he assured me the procedure would take only five minutes, and he could actually do it today. I thought about it and figured why not just get in done now. So I did.


Allergan is a trusted leader in aesthetics and I partnered with them on their new campaign called “It’s My Turn, that encourages women to focus on themselves and gives them the opportunity to look and feel better with different treatments, procedures and products. Us moms do so much for our families and rarely consider ourselves. We are the first ones up in the morning and the last ones to go to sleep and especially with multiple children and all their activities, who has time to work out? Who has time for regular skincare? Before you know it you’re looking in the mirror and there is a different woman looking back at you.


I do however, look at my physical changes and take pride. I have a few wrinkles, my belly has a c-section scar times three, I might have a few more curves than I used to, but I love my body for being strong enough to birth babies and carry them and feed them. I grapple with the topic of beauty because I have two daughters and I want them to focus on what is inside, not out. And I don’t want them to get caught up in their looks or feel pressure to fit into some unachievable beauty standard. But, I’m also not ashamed to admit that I’m susceptible to a little vanity just like anyone else and I would like to hold on to my youth as long as I can. I want to look and feel good.


Sure, botox isn’t a time machine but it can give you a little refresh. I’m a hard working and exhausted mama and this was something I wanted to do for myself. I strongly encourage you to visit It’s My Turn, where you can explore all of the breast and body options available to you. Because as a mom, you focus on everyone else. Now, it’s your turn to focus on you.

Thank you Allergan for sponsoring this post! 

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13 thoughts on “Going Under The…..”

  1. It is great that they discuss all the options available. There are so many procedures available for people who want them.

  2. I’ve never thought about getting botox. I’m still on the fence about it since it’s invasive. It does wonders, I’m giving it that. I’m glad you followed your heart and took the plunge though, every woman deserves to feel and look beautiful.

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