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Giving Your Children Financial Independence

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As my children get older, especially Siella and Ryder, I’m on a mission to help them understand how money works and how to make it work for them. I firmly believe that what they learn now will help them for a lifetime. I know my parents did the same for me and my siblings, and I can tell you I was pretty savvy on how to run a checkbook once I went to college, and was shocked by how many of my classmates weren’t able to. I also firmly believe that making learning fun is the best way to make learning stick, which is why I’ve gotten GoHenry debit cards for my son, Ryder, and my daughter, Siella.

To most kids, money is an ethereal thing. It just sort of exists out there in the void. That’s especially true these days when cash is no longer a necessity. That’s why I knew it was so important to teach my kids about finances and money sooner rather than later. GoHenry debit cards help our kids learn how to use money in a variety of ways, and it does it by making it both fun and functional.

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You see, GoHenry is more than just a debit card. It’s also a financial learning app that helps us teach our kids about money in a fun, engaging way. One of the ways it does that is through their new Money Missions feature – in-app gamified education. Kids can watch videos, take quizzes, and earn points & badges while gaining money skills for life. Missions cover money basics, investing, saving, compound interest, borrowing, giving, and more. It’s easy and fun for kids to learn—and a delight for parents to guide the process.

What I love about GoHenry is all the ways that kids can learn about money in addition to the financial literacy for students that GoHenry’s Money Missions provide. To begin, we can make it fun by helping the kids choose from over 30 designs. Then, parents can set up weekly transfers so the kids always know exactly how much money they’ll receive. Through the app and the card, kids can create savings goals to plan for future purchases, and they can earn the money that comes in weekly by completing the tasks that we as parents set for them. Parents can even set up Giftlinks, so family and friends can send money directly to their child’s card for special occasions and birthdays.

GoHenry is more than just a convenient debit card for kids, it’s a complete financial literacy tool. Financial literacy for students is in short supply these days, but with the GoHenry debit card and the accompanying app, we can help our kids learn about money now so that they’ll understand how to use it properly for the rest of their lives.

Use my code BRIANNE25 to get a $25 credit and one month free when you sign up to GoHenry. 

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15 thoughts on “Giving Your Children Financial Independence”

  1. Oh this sounds great! I have a son who just turned 16 and needs to get his own account. I will definitely look into this!

  2. I love that this teaches them about finance. It’s such an important subject that they don’t learn about in school. My husband and I are working on teaching it to our boys, and this card may be perfect for them.

  3. It’s definitely going to be fascinating when my kids get older and they want/need money! I know my husband and I will certainly teach them financial responsibility though, my husband was raised by bankers so how could he not!?!

  4. I see so much value in this post. It’s important for the kids to learn financial literacy as early as they can.

  5. I actually just wrote a post about finances for adults so this actually holds a special place in my heart. If we were teach financial logic to people when they are very young then they wouldn’t need to learn these things when they’re older. It would already be part of them

  6. Brilliant idea you did there! The sooner kids get to learn how to play and mingle with their money, the better their future times will be for them! Thanks for sharing about it all.

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