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Give Meaning

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I keep a place in my heart for any woman dealing with infertility. Having experienced the same difficulties, I relate with the feelings, emotions and desperation in trying to conceive. I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared the full story about everything endured trying to have a second child. Those two years are blacked out, logged deep in the back of my head, because it was a super hard time for us. I felt guilty for being upset about wanting to have a second child, when there were women out there who were dealing with longer time frames and discouragement on conceiving their first.

Supporting those experiencing infertility

In those long two years, I remember watching all my friends getting pregnant with 2nd and 3rd kids, and while I was happy for them, it hurt. It hurt bad. The feeling of not being able to conceive is one like no other. At night, I would come home and cry about it. I cried to myself, to Jason, my mom, and close friends. I was fortunate to have this support to help me through this time. Sometimes,we think or we hope, we can control everything, but this is one thing that we really can not. You get only one try at it, once a month, for a very small window, and you spend weeks hoping and praying for that positive result. Earlier this month, American Greetings released a video, which really hit home for me.

Those feelings, their impact, and the importance of your support base and relationships are the focus of American Greetings second installment of its #GiveMeaning Campaign, a video entitled “Not Alone.” The first chapter of the campaign launched just in time for Mother’s Day and spotlighted the special people in our lives who have passed, but never leave our heart. American Greetings understands that “special” occasions on the calendar and major holidays are not always celebratory for everyone. With Parents’ Day last week, American Greetings launched “Not Alone” to showcase the importance of support for those who are dealing with issues that are sensitive, emotional and isolating, such as the topic of infertility.

American Greetings has also partnered with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association (a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and men living with infertility) to raise awareness of the importance of offering support to those experiencing infertility.

Supporting those experiencing infertility

This commercial spotlights a woman’s struggle to conceive and those who reach out when she needs it most. Not to be a spoiler, there’s no happy ending in the video with the woman receiving  a positive pregnancy test, but it does show that by reaching out, even with a card to show that person you care will go a long way. “A card is just card, but given at the right moment, it can mean everything” – American Greetings!

I hope this video moves you, as much as it did me. While the focus was infertility, I do think the message is even more univseral. We need to honor and cherish our relationships and the people around us, because everyone is important and they are all dealing with their own thing. I’m challenging you all to one act of kindness this week and send that special someone who is going through a hard time, a Thinking Of You e-card from American Greetings today!

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15 thoughts on “Give Meaning”

  1. My heart aches when women and men have to deal with infertility but it’s becoming something more of us talk about. Glad you shared this video and I Hope it helps others to give meaning 🙂

  2. I have had friends who have struggled with infertility, and it seems like such a lonely journey. We should always try to reach out.

  3. Sometimes a card is all it takes to make someone’s day. I love that American Greetings offers sweet sentiments, even when our hearts ache.!

  4. Focusing on cherishing those around us is very important. I have several friends struggling with infertility, and it’s really just no fun at all.

  5. This commercial was one of the best I’ve seen. The 3.5 years that I struggled with infertility were some of the hardest in my life. So grateful for American Greetings to shed some light on a topic that so many women struggle silently with. Bravo!

  6. Although I haven’t struggled w/ fertility, almost every mom I know has had at least on miscarriage.
    It’s so heartbreaking. A kind word, gesture, card and remembering them mean a lot.

  7. I feel for women who would have to go through such hardship. It’s not easy and it never will be. I think it’s important that we show support for one another especially when it comes to infertility. Sending our love through a card would be so nice.

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