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Getting Fancy For Valentine’s Day!

Upscale fashion is a great way to make Valentine’s Day extra special. That goes for both adults and children. Jason and I love to get dressed up for Valentine’s Day and have a romantic evening out, but this year, we’re doing something different. Because we’re all stuck indoors, Jason, the kids, and I are all going to dress up in some upscale fashion looks and have a fancy family at-home Valentine’s Day celebration.
Jason and I are all set in the fashion department, but I wanted to get the kids something extra nice, so I knew just where to look for the ultimate pieces! As you might remember from a previous post, I love the great fashion styles from Childrensalon. They’re always on-trend, and they always strike the perfect balance between fun and classic. So it’s never  to my surprise that they have amazing looks for all occasions, including dressier parties. I knew Childrensalon would be my one stop shop for this years Valentine’s Day looks.
Ryder decided on a Romano Vianni long sleeve dress shirt in white, along with a Romano Black Velvet Trip 3-Piece Suit, and Romano Red Velvet Bow Tie. Together these pieces create a classic upscale look for him. The crisp white shirt looks so perfect underneath the three-piece suit which features a velvet lapel and silky red vest which ties in wonderfully with the accent of the red bow tie. It’s an incredibly sharp look that just screams sophistication and makes him feel extra special.
Gemma will be wearing a Patchou Red Hearts Dress. The perfect combination of childhood sweetness and elegance. The red heart print on white fabric pairs perfectly with its ruffled shoulders and pleated skirt, while the large red bows on the front add a nice pop.
While Siella plans to wear a Patchou Red Chiffon Dress. What strikes me the most about this dress is the way it melds the feel of a sophisticated gown while playful and fun for a little girl. It’s vibrant red color is striking, and the layered ruffles on the hem, bodice, and sleeves, along with a large bow on the front makes it the perfect dress for Valentine’s Day.
These picks are just some of the amazing styles you can find at Childrensalon. There are so many more to choose from, along with their other lines of fashionable children’s clothing.
With great looks and brands ranging from upscale fashion to laid-back cool, there’s something for every child at Childrensalon. I highly recommend you give them a look!

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