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Having Fun With School Lunch

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One of my morning obsessions over the last two years has been getting super creative when making Ryder’s school lunch. He has been using a PlanetBox lunchbox since he is in preschool, and this year, Siella will being starting to take lunch. My favorite features are their stainless steel, non-plastic construction, and the pint size compartments that encourage me to be innovative by offering him a variety of foods daily. PlanetBox is the smart lunchbox that guides you in packing a well-balanced meal quickly and easily.

Review: PlanetBox Lunchbox

One of my inspirations over the last year has been Catherine McCord, author of Weelicious Lunches cookbook. She uses PlanetBox to showcase what she’s packing in her children’s camp and school lunch. I love the healthy options she creates, and I try to mimic them for my kids. In the spirit of getting ready for school to kick off this week, I’ve recreated a few of Ryder’s favorite lunches from last year, in hopes of getting your creative juices flowing, so you won’t end up in a school lunch funk.

Day 1:

Almond Butter & Jelly sandwich – Dolphin cut out

Carrots & Celery

Mixed Berries


Annies Bunnies

Day: 2

Turkey, Cheese, Cherry Tomato rollups

Apple Slices

Celery & Carrot sticks

Cheddar Bunnies

Dried Strawberries

Day 3:

Chicken & Cheese sandwich (shaped as ghost)



Annies Bunnies

Day 4:

Hummas & Cheese Sandwich with shredded veggies

Tomato & Cukes mix


Graham Crackers

Mini cupcake

Review: PlanetBox Lunchbox

New this year, you have the option to make your PlanetBox truly unique! Design personalized magnets by uploading your own pictures, adding text and selecting background color. For Siella’s first year of having to bring her own lunch, I thought it would be fun to make a PlanetBox that was an homage to her favorite activity- ballet class.

Review: PlanetBox Lunchbox

I loved when Ryder would come home from school each day, and told me how much he loved his lunch, and I hope you can get the same gratitude in making lunch for your little ones. Instead of making school lunch preparation a chore, turn it into your creative outlet.  Happy back to school!


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  1. We love the Weelicious cookbooks and I just ordered a planet box for my daughter going into 2nd grade next week. Great post!

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