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Fun, Flirty Fashions for Every Style

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good dress. It doesn’t matter the season, but you can usually find me in a dress. Dressed up or down, with sandals or boots or heels, I guess you can say that’s always been my look. Now that summer is here and we are starting to venture out a bit more, I decided to refresh my wardrobe with a few new pieces I recently found from ALISON New York.

Allison New York is one of those companies that just exudes sass and charm. Every single piece they offer has a certain quirky coolness to it that you’d be hard-pressed to find with another brand. If you’ve read even one or two posts on my blog, you know that I’m a big fan of fashion that is just flirty enough. Ruffles and lace in moderation always capture my attention, and colors and cuts that are what I call “modern classic” always draw me in. That’s what you’ll find at Allison New York.

Of course, this company holds a special place in my heart because it’s New York-based. This company has a decidedly New York sensibility, taking the classic retro flair of the ruffles and lace, along with bobble accents and a variety of accessories, and perfectly combining it with a modern feel. So it’s not the hometown of Allison New York that gives me all the feels, it’s the beautiful designs, colors, and whimsical feel that they bring to every dress, top, tee, and accessory that they offer.

A quick click to the New Arrivals section at Allison New York immediately showcases what this fashion company is all about. You’ll be treated to an eyelet ruffled blouse that’s perfectly classic chic, cotton top tank, maxi dress, and shorts, all showcasing a bold vertical stripe pattern, beautiful dresses and blouses, and more. They’re all beautiful, and they’re all perfect for a day at the beach or a laidback night on the town.

Their dresses are a dream, with links varying from ankle to high-cut, looks ranging from eyelet lace to pleated or a twist on the classic LBD, and even draped dresses that are so flirty and fun, you’ll want to wear them for date night, even if it’s just to binge Netflix on your couch.

For skirt lovers, Allison New York’s skirts range from retro tanned smocked to knit paneled, crochet fringed, minis, ruffles, and so much more. They even have a leopard print number that is extra sassy.

Head to their blouse section for sassy tops like an embroidered peasant blouse, checked wrap top, ivory grommet trimmed blouse, floral wrap top, and a variety of other super cute tops that make for the perfect summer pieces to add to your wardrobe.

It’s hot right now, but it’ll cool down eventually. When it does, you’ll want some stylish sweaters to enhance your fall and winter wardrobe. Allison’s sweaters are so beautiful. You’ll find a jacquard sweater jacket, pom pom sweaters, metallics, a space dye fringe number, and more. They even have an open weave summer sweater so you can show off your love of sweaters even in the heat.

From pink and light blue to black polka dot and bold stripes, the tanks and tees from Allison New York hit the mark when it comes to summer fun and fashion. All of their tanks and tees combine a classic feel with modern sensibilities from tiered to poof sleeves, crochet fringe, and more, their tops just scream summer.

Finally, you’ll be able to complete your look with tons of fun accessories. Choose from bold jewelry like a variety of bold earrings, fingerless gloves, and even masks so you can be super stylish while staying safe.

With ruffles, eyelets, bold stripes, and modern flair in equal abundance, Allison New York is one fashion company that you absolutely must check out.

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13 thoughts on “Fun, Flirty Fashions for Every Style”

  1. Those dresses are all so beautiful. I love a nice long dress myself. I would love any of the ones you have too. They would be great summer dresses.

  2. I love long dresses and these are so beautiful. So perfect for me for the summer season. Thanks for sharing!

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