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Free To Be Me

I have always considered myself an empowered and strong woman. But talking about super personal female issues can feel a little taboo and even though the women outnumbered the men in my home growing up, we kept feminine issues fairly private. I still am very discreet about certain things but becoming a mom has really opened me up and especially being a mom of two daughters; I make a conscious effort to talk openly and freely about everything.


Siella and Gemma are still wayyyy to young to discuss periods and pads. I am so loving their little girl stage that I don’t even want to think of them being little women yet! But I still want my girls to be comfortable with their bodies and all the seemingly icky details about being a girl and woman. But that means I first have to be comfortable and learn to speak freely about these issues. Carefree® at Walgreens is encouraging women to #SpeakFreeWithCarefree…and so can I! I mean, I don’t love all the icky details of being a woman but this is life!…we get our periods, we have bladder control issues…we’re human.


Women are constantly being scrutinized and expected to live up to unrealistic societal expectations, especially when it comes to our bodies. The last thing we need is to turn a critical eye on ourselves and feel embarrassed about natural bodily functions. We should feel free to be who we are all the time.

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For years I dealt with heavy or irregular periods and I was terrified of leaking so I always had panty liners in my purse or car. On heavy flow days I would often double up on protection and wear the super thin Carefree® Liners in addition to tampons. The liners were discreetly packaged and easy to hide in pockets or hand bags. Like most women, as I got older my cycle became regular and much more manageable. But as any mama can tell you, after having kids your periods change: the consistency, the flow, the timing…it takes a while to get things back on track and sometimes they’re never the same. It is great to use a product that I know and trust and that gives me ultimate freedom. Because when it comes to your period you just never know and it is always smart to be prepared.


I had three C-sections for my kids so I didn’t have the postpartum vaginal issues that most moms do but I’ve heard stories and trust me, each and every mom I know who delivered vaginally has an arsenal of Carefree® Acti-Fresh® Pantiliners for everyday protection. I can’t believe I used to be so embarrassed about this stuff when I was younger. If I could tell the younger me anything about period protection I would say, don’t sweat it! Carefree® Acti-Fresh® Pantiliners are a lifesaver. That is one thing I got right—always being prepared and Free To Be Me with Carefree®.

I am excited to partner with Carefree® and Walgreens in their “Free To Be Me” campaign to encourage women to #SpeakFreeWithCarefree …Beginning 7/20 take advantage of this $1 ibotta offer available exclusively at Walgreens – limited quantities available and excludes 20 count packages!

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Want to have a chance to try these yourselves? Enter the #SpeakFreeWithCarefree Sweepstakes, between July 20th and August 20th, for a chance to win the featured Carefree® Liners and other fun goodies.

#SpeakFreeWithCarefree Sweepstakes

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2 thoughts on “Free To Be Me”

  1. Last night for what felt like the millionth time but was probably only the fifth 🙂 we had the menstruation talk here
    I said to her again how much easier it seems to be a girl now – – so many options like these – – than it did when I was little.

  2. I love this entire look! Motherhood definitely makes it easier to talk about menstruation which really shouldn’t feel so taboo, since it’s normal.

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