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Free People Style File {& $100 GIVEAWAY}

If you know me, you get that I am a total creature of habit, not really open to change. When I see something that I like, that fits perfectly, and can be worn with anything, I need to have it in every color. This behavior started when I was 18, in college (FIT, natch), obsessed with fashion, and working my first retail job.  I recall store shipments coming in, and I would fall in love with a sweater or great pant.  I would buy each of the items in every single color. Thinking back, I probably gave my entire paycheck back to the store.


Fast forward to being a mom- I simply don’t find the time to shop for myself as much anymore. I’m not sure what happened, but now, I walk into a store, and immediately gravitate towards the children’s section. It’s like I channeled all passion for fashion into my kids’ wardrobe. From when Ryder was born, and I sold my showroom, I had accumulated a pretty good inventory of clothing, but about a year ago, I realized I needed to start replenishing my wardrobe. I do attend quite a few blogging events these days, and want to look professional, especially representing my brand.



 A brand that I had always turned to when I needed something special is Free People. And since having to replenish my wardrobe have turned to them again. Recently, I was introduced to the Styling Manager and Social Media Specialist from the Fifth Avenue store, here in NYC. We thought it would be fun to feature a “mom”, styled in their clothes on their Instagram account because moms can be stylish too. The photos attached are just a few from our fun shoot.


In the weeks since the shoot, I have been taking more risks with my wardrobe. I haven’t been afraid to layer items that would normally be worn alone, or embracing the simplicity of a total statement necklace to enhance the outfit. Jean, the Styling Manager is now my go to person when having to shop. She has been wonderful with notifying me of sales, new items, and advice on what to wear. This New Year, I am making it a resolution to go back to my roots, and to take more pride in the way I dress and look. I love that I can depend on the kind staff at Free People to help this busy mama out.  But moms aside, I feel that Free People has something that’s right for every woman.


So friends, I’m psyched to tell you I have teamed up with Free People, and we are offering a $100 gift certificate to shop Free People stores or online!



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144 thoughts on “Free People Style File {& $100 GIVEAWAY}”

  1. My fashion wardrobe is classic basics with trendy accessories. I prefer my clothes to be timeless and comfortable and I use scarves, bags, jewelry, etc to spice it up.

  2. My fashion wardrobe is full of bohemian pieces that are paired with simple classic pieces. I like to layer and accessorize, making each outfit my own.

  3. Following @strollerinthecity & @freepeople5thave on Instagram. Reposted photo with hashtag #SITCFREEPEOPLE. -Lacey Owczarzak (@youaremywild)

  4. My wardrobe has some vintage stuff, some target stuff, and some other randoms. I’d love to pull it together a bit more.

  5. As a mom to 4 my closet is filled with easy to wear pieces… Would love to add some addition bohemian goodness to it! I’m a free people junkie and would love to win! Thank you so much for the chance!!!

  6. AMAZING Giveaway! You are the perfect organic Free People model since I see you showcasing their clothes so well ALL the time. I love their clothes! I still wear many of their older pieces and they have truly stood the test of time and don;t look dated at all. My style is confused and in need of an intervention and new clothes!

  7. My wardrobe these days has to be easy to wear clothes with two kids, and honestly free people has become my go to brand… all the tops seem to cover the perfect areas that need covering while still looking fab! Great giveaway!

  8. I describe my fashion wardrobe as a native American inspired, bohemian, gypsy style with a few professional pieces here and there in case I go for a more corporate job. I choose to wear anything that gives me confidence and can make my petite frame look a little longer.

    Your blog is such an inspiration to me as a new blogger! Love your posts 🙂


    Carlita’s Closet

  9. I would say I play it safe or neutral with solids and sometimes stripes…I think most would call my style boring. Time for a change!

  10. I would describe my style as very eclectic. I like to pull colors, pieces, and styles from many different parts of the spectrum of fashion. I do tend to lean more towards hippie/boho and that is why I absolutely love Free People and I would love to win this giftcard! There is a dress I have been eying to wear in June for my boho inspired wedding, and this giftcard couldn’t come at a better time! 🙂

  11. I completely hear you on shopping for myself since becoming a mom. I always gravitate towards the baby section, and then there’s no time or energy for myself. The few pieces I have picked up and loved, for myself, since baby, actually have been FP pieces! They just have a special quality to it, that makes me feel a little stylish and still myself, even if it’s just a cardigan tossed over my typical mom uniform!

    xx Viv

  12. First of all I must say… daaaamn, girl! You look delishly fab! You perfected this nonchalantly chic boho look!
    So, my style – schizophrenic/eclectic with emphasis on comfort: from athletic minimalism (glam sweatpants) to polka dotted pencil skirts, smoking slippers and maxi summer dresses. Shoe and crazy rings addict.
    This is why I must have this GS! Shoes, boots, hellooooooo!

  13. Running after my niece 3 days a week has definitely pushed me to find comfy but chic clothing–so that’s how I’d describe my style. A cute sweatshirt goes a long way!

  14. My wardrobe these days is more yoga wear than I care to admit. When I do purchase new things for myself they are quite simple and classic , but I would love to get back to my inner bohemian. Free People has such fun pieces.

  15. My fashion wardrobe is definitely eclectic. It’s got a mix of romantic,sporty, tree hugging hippie (as my husband likes to call it!) and classic comfortable pieces. Despite that I spend the majority of my days in my pajamas. 😉

  16. My style is classic with a whimsical and fun twist. I love a classic blazer with a vintage tee and distressed jeans. My look is boho with preppy aspects. I love mixing it up.
    I followed and posted everywhere I was supposed to!

  17. ooooh, I LOVE Free People!

    Let’s see, my wardrobe… I’d say urban glam with a heavy boho and rocker chic influence – does that make any sense? 🙂

  18. i would describe my wardrobe as witchy with a free and breezy bohemian feel. i wear alot of velvet, lace, and paisley prints. im definitely inspired by stevie nicks. i love to mix jewel tones and layer jewelry and i always make sure im comfortable!

  19. Hi there! My name is Madalyn LaMastro, I am 20 years old and a sophomore print journalism major from New Jersey.

    Growing up in a house where artists like Bob Dylan and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were constantly playing, my style is a combination of 1960s hippie meets 1970s rockstar. My go-to look is layering; a mixture of textures, colors and patterns always makes for an interesting outfit. I love combining boho dresses and hair accessories with iconic American pieces, like leather jackets and cowboy boots, for an East-meets-West look. In addition to music, my environment has also contributed to my sense of style. Growing up 40 minutes outside New York City has made me aware of the importance of black in a young woman’s wardrobe: an all-black ensemble is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. As decorative as some of my favorite outfits may be, I usually keep my hair and make-up relatively natural, often sporting messy curls or an undone bun and a neutral pallet on my face. All though sometimes, I love to add a bold lipstick or winged eyeliner to accent an outfit.

    The best outfits come from a variety of different places and are put together through a lot of experimentation. A vintage find (some of my favorite pieces are stolen from my parents and grandparents) often pairs well with a high-end item (like a nice pair of jeans) and both pieces look great with a flea market accessory or a piece you bought traveling. Fashion can really be found anywhere; some places require a little more searching than others. Investments are also an important part of our wardrobes. Trends may come and go, but spending a little extra money on a quality piece will pay for itself in seasons to come.

  20. I describe my style as comfortable with a hard edge. I love to wear knits and leggings paired with combat boots. If it doesnt go with my boots, I probably wouldnt wear it 🙂 Following you on facebook and instagram.

  21. Followed on Instagram, followed and repinned on Pinterest (maeve mcdonald, under the board “Clothing is an obsession”) and liked on Facebook! 🙂

  22. I would describe my style as back-country rugged meets west coast boho chic. My weakness is eclectic layered necklaces!

    Liked on Facebook and repinned!

    Love your blog! 🙂

  23. As a yoga teacher, I pretty much live in sports bras and yoga pants. So, I get excited to wear something other than stretchy pants now and then and Free People is my absolute favorite place to shop . Feminine, romantic, bohemian, their offerings really suit my fashion style. Thanks for this sweet giveaway offering! Love your FP outfit in the pics too!

  24. My style I would describe as tomboy chic. I love Free People because they cater to this style, with their Free People girl, Lou. Free People allows me to be comfy and casual, but still look stylish. Their tees, distressed denim, beanies, and more allow me give me a feminine edge and prevent me looking completely boy-ish.

  25. I’d say my style is mostly athletic, but it’s because I’m at home all day with my kids so I just throw on my favorite yoga leggings. I do have a bold sense of style, I love bright colors!


  26. Thank you so much for offering such a generous giveaway. I would describe my style as eclectic bohemian with a classic twist. My closet consists of everything from 1970s hand patched bell-bottoms to J.Crew dresses.

  27. My wardrobe is laid-back, bohemian, comfortable, stylish, and free. I think of myself as a modern day hippy and am inspired by clothing from the 60’s and 70’s. Free People makes clothing and accessories that fit with my attitude and personal style.

    I posted on twitter, followed on Facebook, and followed and posted on Pinterest. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  28. My friends tell me I am a Yogi who likes nice things. 😉 Classic bohemian chic. I like mixing high style with thrift shop items. I just found out about your blog and now I have a book mark on my computer that links to many of the links you recommend for baby clothes! My daughter turns one on the 26th and I was just thinking how I would like to buy myself something to wear to her party (already got her outfit based on many of your suggestions!) and a Free People gift card would be incredible! Followed you on FB. Don’t have twitter or instragram…not that hip I suppose. I really enjoy your blog so thank you!!!

  29. My style i would have to say is bohemian glam some days and eclectic bohemian on the other days. I have defiantly loved free people for as long as I can remember and now as a mom I wear it more than ever. On a side note my sons name is Ryder and I think I saw that that is what your sons name is as well 😉

  30. I love the question Free People uses when they interview – “Describe your style in three words.” My answer is “Whimsical bohemian fairy.” My closet and clothes are full to bursting with details, laces and layers, jewels, chains, patterns, fringe, velvets, silks, bell sleeves, tunics and frocks, crystals and glittery things. Anything that’s intricate or interesting.

  31. I would say that my wardrobe is bohemian and indie, with a bunch of grunge and dungarees and teared jeans… I love old rock band t shirt too and dr martens and long dresses, with cool colors!

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