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Forever and Ever

As a mom when it comes to jewelry, I’ve morphed somewhat into a creature of habit, changing out pieces less frequently as certain items have become staples in my daily ensemble. It tends to save some time when getting ready during the hectic mornings, and every minute is critical when pushing to get three kids out the door. My taste has also evolved, and the jewelry pieces I am drawn as of late, I hope to pass down to my children, and maybe they can do the same with theirs.

On any given day, you can catch me with my Maya Brenna initial necklace, Cartier Love Bracelet (which is actually screwed onto my wrist), and my engagement ring and wedding bands. But after years and years of wearing the same things, I felt that I was long overdue to add to my daily jewelry regime. I lost a small diamond on my engagement ring, and have been procrastinating getting it fixed, so while asking around for a lux jewelry spot in New York City, a friend recommeded Leeza Braun Jewelers.

Leeza Braun Jewelers, a most celebrated and sought after diamond jewelry house, was founded in 2002 by Judy and Aliza Schachter; daughters of renowned diamond artisan Leo Schachter, one of the most respected names in the industry and a site holder for over 50 years. From their studio in New York City, they cater to discerning clientele creating one of a kind jewelry, including magnificent engagement rings. Whether a stylish statement piece or one-of-a-kind jewel to be worn for generations, Judy and Aliza oversee every detail of each creation.

One Of A Kind Jewelry From Leeza Braun Jewelers | Stroller In The City

In their offices I met with Aliza, where we discussed fixing my ring, and the idea of adding to my wedding bands. In an instant, I knew she got my vibe when she suggested creating three rings, to symbolize each of my children. I’ve considered multi-colored stacked diamond bands in the past, so she suggested to add to what I originally had.

One Of A Kind Jewelry From Leeza Braun Jewelers | Stroller In The City

The entire process was incredible. During design, Aliza shared CAD concept sketches of the rings, including color assignment of each diamond. We decided pinks and blues, but I love how she suggested mixing the pinks light and dark stones, on one of the rings to differ. And the coolest little touch on each ring are Ryder, Siella, and Gemma’s names engraved on the inner band. Truly one-of-a-kind pieces!

One Of A Kind Jewelry From Leeza Braun Jewelers | Stroller In The City

Each ring represents my forever people, and I love that I can carry them all around with me each and everyday! I am forever grateful for the new heirloom pieces that will certainly be passed down to my children, and maybe generations to come. And of course, Leeza Braun Jewelers fixed my engagement ring, and it feels shinier and brighter than the day I received it!

photography by Lauren Kara


*This post was originally published April 19th, 2021*

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One Of A Kind Jewelry From Leeza Braun Jewelers | Stroller In The City

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15 thoughts on “Forever and Ever”

  1. I would love to add rings to symbolize my daughters. That is such a beautiful idea. I also love that they are small and dainty. Simply beautiful.

  2. Those are lovely rings! It’s great to be able to sit down with a jeweler and know that they get what you’re looking for, or the both of you reach the same conclusion. I think that’s amazing service.

  3. Annemarie LeBlanc

    The ring designs are so lovely! I want to have one done that would show my love for my three children. Maybe 3 hearts, or 3 stars? I will have to check this one out.

  4. How romantic it is! Its deep meaning is so impressive, after your loved kids grown up, they will know how deep you love them, such a sweet family and such a beautiful& good mom.

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