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April Books to Add to Your Kids Shelves

A new month brings new books! You all know how much I love to add to our bookshelves and rotate out the books that maybe don’t serve us anymore. I’ve found that since the pandemic began, both reading and the types of books we bring into our household have changed and formed a new meaning for us. There are three categories I look into when it comes to adding to our bookshelves. Let’s discuss them all!


Life lessons and morals to stories are something that I find to be important when it comes to choosing new books. Some topics can be difficult to talk about or approach and may be easier to learn about from books. At the same time, books just have a way with words, no pun intended! Everything is explained in detail and often time by expert or psychologists.


Moreover, while the morals and lessons can be important, books are an escape from reality. And we want them to be fun for our children to spend time doing as an activity. Whether it’s topics they find interesting, a book version of a movie or show or mindless reading, it’s great to have something to look forward to or wind down with from the day.


Finally, I love the books that get my kids to use their imaginations. As they get older, I worry that they lose more of that and go into just practicality. Which is great, but also, it’s important to keep some sense of imagination and creativity alive. Specifically, it’s something that can help us get through tough times, like the past few years.

Thus, let me know about any new books your kids are loving, I’d love to add them to the next roundup and introduce them to my kids!

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This really is the cutest book! It’s about two birds returning to the city post-pandemic, and stopping by their favorite places and seeing their favorite people.
Secondly, if you have little ones who are learning the alphabet, it’s important to find books that are fun for them. Additionally, it’s easier to learn if it’s something they look forward to.
Here is one of those books that is really important to read to our kids. Particularly, it’s important to me that I teach my children that everyone is equal and deserve the same rights!
This is a book that was written for children who are dealing with stress and anxiety from the pandemic. Specifically, it’s something that is completely normal and it’s great to talk through our feelings!
Seth Meyers is back with another great book! Obviously, it’s all about facing your fears and problem solving, which are great lessons.
Kristen Chenoweth wrote such a fun kids book! Emphatically, it’s a great way to teach children about random acts of kindness.
I wanted to make sure to include a great Easter Basket item! Kids love jokes and this would be a really fun addition to the baskets.
Here’s a great read for your tweens! There’s a lot going on in the world right now and finding ways to relax at the end of every day can be really helpful!
They are still making Magic Treehouse books! I love it! This sounds like a great read for the older kids.
Here’s an Easter option for younger kids! Ispy is a really fun game and when it’s holiday related, it can be even more fun!
Here’s a great read for the older boys! This one uses a lot of imagination.
It’s a small town and everyone knows everything about each other. When the new kids comes in, what will she adjust alright?
Libby is faced with many decisions throughout the day and she learns all about how her choices affect others. Moreover, it’s a great lesson for your little ones!
Finally, if your kids like mysteries, this is a great option! It’s suspenseful, but not scary so it won’t keep them up at night!
Sometimes children with disabilities feel different, but it’s important that they feel special! It’s all about how being different isn’t a bad thing!

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