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Final Countdown

We are now down to the finish line with my pregnancy, and I am more nervous than ever. First things first, Jason took a job in Tennessee this week which has added way more stress. And to back his decision, I’m not like most women where I will go into labor and the baby just comes out. What happened with both Ryder and Siella is that my water breaks, and then I labor for well over 24 hours to result in a c section because I never fully dilate. I tried so hard for a v bac with Siella and it just didn’t happen and lead to complications with her heart stopping a one point, super scary. So this time, my doctor was very stern when she said you must schedule a c section. And back to Jason being gone, if I do go into labor most likely the case will be my water breaks and he jumps on a plane. If it breaks at 3am and there’s no flights..well than I guess I’ll try to hold off. But I am trying not to think about that now as I still have six more days till he’s home.

My c section is scheduled for March 26th, although I think I may go earlier than that (I was 10 days early with Siella). I am trying to complete as many open ended projects I have pending. Which, of course, has me completely stressing out. We just finished shooting the nursery this week with Project Nursery and I cannot wait to share that amazing collab with you in the coming weeks. And as far as being ready with things for the new baby..can we ever be completely prepared? I have all the usual necessities one would need but I really just don’t know what to expect.

Our sleep sitch has semi improved with day light savings time and now Siella wakes at 6/6:30 rather than the usual 5:30. I am also trying to get the kids prepared for when the baby comes as well. Ryder seems extremely excited and has been non stop kissing my belly. Every night before bed hes asks if his little sister will be here yet. And Siella has been noticing all the new baby gear and has been super clingy to me which makes me think she sort of is preparing herself for whats about to happen. I mean afterall she is going to become the middle child and no longer the baby…ahhh. But her personality is way too strong and she will definitely make herself noticed.

At this moment right now, while we play the waiting game, I am trying to cherish every minute I have left with my two babies. Because I know my attention will not be this focused on them once our new daughter is here and that thought just kills me. I’m trying to do as many one-on-one things I can with them. Ryder and I have “a date” usually once a week and this week we scheduled two. It’s so important to spend time with him without Siella, we had a movie premiere one day and then we went to one our a fav places for hot chocolate. Siella and I spend tons of time together while Ryder is in school and this week we went to a bunch of music classes and open plays, something I know a babysitter might have to do for a while with her.


The one thing I am not happy about it the fact that Jason is not around. I just wish he could be here this last week to savior these last few moments as a family of 4. And a date night wouldn’t be so bad either. So instead of the final countdown, I am counting each day as a blessing and cherishing each moment. I friend of mine who recently had her third gave me the best advice ever and I will forever remind myself when things get crazy “enjoy it and to hell with laundry and cleaning“..thank you Marion. I really have to learn how to turn my head sometimes. Until then.

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10 thoughts on “Final Countdown”

  1. I’m thinking of you during the final stretch and really hope that you can somehow squeeze time in for you. Your friend Marion is a wise woman! xo

  2. Can I use marion’s advice even though I only have 2?! Good luck mama! Youre children are so lucky to have such a reflective mama!

  3. Good luck you are certainly one brave mama! It sounds like you’ve got 2 great and adorable kiddos there 🙂 Hope baby stays put until your hubby heads home! My hubby actually missed my son’s birth because my waters broke 2 weeks early. Just meant a bigger push present 😉 The only positive I thing about the c-section is you know exactly when it’s going to happen and can plan everything.

    Will be thinking about you and can’t wait to see photos of the little one.


  4. I’m thinking of you and love your posts on Instagram. Good luck in the next few days. It must be hard with him being gone now, but it sounds like you’re doing the right thing, cherishing each moment. Focusing on this just being self-imposed, quality mom time with your two that you will not be able to have again seems like it will make it easier. A guilty parenting indulgence even? Maybe not that far, but you know what I mean! 🙂 I’m looking forward to updates!

  5. Brianne,
    I wish you nothing but the best! I hope you hold out till your husband gets home. Try to take care if yourself and enjoy the last moments w your children. Loved the pics! You look beautiful!

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