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Festive Recipes to Enjoy this Season

Festive recipes are craved far longer than the holiday season. There’s a sense of comfort and nostalgia to the holiday table that features these classic holiday recipes. I know how overwhelming the festive season can feel and I decided to gather what I think are some of the best Christmas recipes around. You can make a full holiday menu off this list or pick and choose your favorite meals for an easy recipe to contribute to the holiday crowd. Let’s gather around the dinner table to enjoy a festive feast!

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Brown Sugar Ham

We have to begin with a Christmas classic! A lot of families enjoy ham on Christmas and I prefer it to be a bit sweeter. This recipe requires little effort since it’s mostly in the prep and will bring your holiday table to a whole new level of deliciousness for the big day.

Seven Fishes

If you’re Italian, you most likely enjoy the feast of the seven fishes. It’s a Christmas tradition and I actually have a whole post on how I like to do it and which fishes I serve for the holiday feast.

seven fishes

Roast Pork with Apples

The holiday meal tends to have a pork focus. We don’t typically go the traditional roast turkey route other than on Thanksgiving! I like to make my pork with something to add some tart and sweet flavor to it and apples make for the perfect addition!

Tender Brisket

Brisket needs to melt in your mouth! This main dish will have you wanting the leftovers for days and the best part is that your oven does a majority of the work for you!

Buttery Popovers

I don’t usually task myself with making popovers simply because I am intimidated by them! I found this recipe that breaks it down easily for easy appetizers. They’d even be delicious with some cranberry jam!

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Toasted Gruyere and Cranberry Cups

When I found this recipe, it was a no-brainer to add as a festive side to my holiday gathering this season. The toasted cheese pairs so well with the tart cranberry flavor and I promise this will be a hit at your Christmas party!

Leek Potato Pancakes

Potato pancakes are a traditional Jewish dish but that doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy them this season! The leek touch to this classic dish is the perfect amount of flavor to the fried potato goodness. I honestly think they would be delicious for Christmas morning.

candied acorn squash

Candied Acorn Squash

Alright, we’ll add some vegetables to the main event! Acorn squash is in season only for so long and I figured this could be the perfect way to enjoy it with your holiday spread. It’s on the sweeter side which makes it easier for the kids to get veggies in!

Braised Dill Potatoes

Another great potato recipe, this one is loaded with flavor! Move over sweet potato casserole, we have a new comfort food! The dill adds the perfect touch of flavor to your holiday dinner and they tend to be a crowd favorite.

Baked Brie Wreath

My family are huge fans of baked brie so why not make it into a cute wreath?! It’s easy to do and makes for the perfect appetizer to hold your guests over before the main course.

christmas appetizer

Mulled Wine

When I think of festive drinks, I think of mulled wine. It’s the spices mixed with the warm wine that feels like it warms our bellies while being a delightful drink to ring in the holidays with. It pairs well with the Christmas menu, as well.

Grinch Punch

This one is too funny to me but I had to include it! There is no alcohol in this, so your kids can actually enjoy it. The recipe is sherbet based so it is almost like Christmas desserts and it’s even more fun if you have a pitcher with the Grinch’s face on it!

Santa’s Hat Cocktail

Another one of the best recipes for cocktails! Good food should be paired with good drinks and this is a really cute display to have. It feels festive and screams Merry Christmas!

holiday cocktails

Fudge Wreath

Would you believe me if I told you this only takes 5 minutes to make? It’s perfect to bring to a hostess or make as a last-minute recipe for the festive day!

Gingerbread Meringue Bars

We have to have at least a touch of gingerbread during the holidays! This recipe combines that warm, classic flavor of gingerbread with a light and airy dessert to enjoy after a heavy meal.

christmas cookies

Apple Butter Cake Roll

Apple butter is a flavor from childhood that should most definitely be incorporated into adulthood! I typically make chocolate cake rolls but this flavor wraps up fall in a tight bow and your guests will love it.

Traditional Christmas Cake

Finally, if you want to finish the night off with a traditional Christmas recipe, this is the one! Christmas cake is enjoyed by many and it’s always a great option to have on the dessert table.

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