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Fall & Halloween Home Decor

It can be said that fall is a very popular season. While summer comes with a lot of fun, fall brings such cozy vibes. I would say its the prettiest time of year in New York City. The changing leaves in central park, the sweater weather, and the delicious New York City food creates the ultimate experience for any local or tourist.

And this will be our first fall with our new home. I’ve been dreaming of decorating a forever home for fall for years. The warm festive colors have always been such an inspiration for me and I’m so excited to jump in. I’ve gathered some of my personal inspo pics/ mood boards that I’ll be using when decorating our home for this upcoming season.

Front Door Decor

Front door decor is a must! It’s what your family and/or guests first see when arriving. Decorating the outside of your home contributes to your streets festive and welcoming vibes. We all love driving by a cute decorated neighborhood. Whats fun about this season, is you can either lean towards a more autumn like theme, fall colors, seasonal blooms, farmhouse like vibes… Or bring out your inner child and decorate fully for halloween. Pumpkins, spiders, ghosts, witches, etc… the halloween options and creativity can be endless.

Mantel Decor

The same goes for decorating your mantle. Whether you choose a fall theme or halloween fun, both options really warm up your home. I love how holiday decor has evolved so much. There are so many ways in making your home festive without compromising aesthetic. These two mood boards perfectly show how both themes can be so tastefully done while still having tons of personality. I really love the white pumpkins over the greenery, great for a more subtle touch. While the chimney overflowing with pumpkins could be so fun for a household with young kids. I know my kids would have got a kick out of that.

Tablescape Ideas

We cant forget the tablescape. Where everyone gathers to share their favorite pastime, eating! Fall recipes bring warmth, rich flavors, and colors. While fall holidays bring laughter and love.Your table should represent this same energy. A place to come together to really enjoy the changing season in the air. While incorporating pumpkins is an easy way to spruce things up, we can’t rule out fall blooms. We have a tendencies to buy flowers in the spring and summer, but fall comes with amazing seasonal finds. Dahlias, roses, marigold, petunias, calla lilies, just to name a few, all bloom in the fall.

I’ve added some of my favorite fall products currently on the market. These are small and simple things you can add to your home that will make a big difference when decorating for fall! Wishing you a warm and cozy season!

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29 thoughts on “Fall & Halloween Home Decor”

  1. For some reason, my niece enjoys Halloween more than Christmas.. She loves dressing up and go trick or treating with her friends (prior to pandemic).. Gosh i wish i can also make this kind of decor outside our house.. Also i have never tried carving out pumpkins.. Must be a nice thing to experience

  2. Oh, yes, the summer is over, and it’s time for some fall decorations. I really love your photos and ideas! They look so nice! I definitely would like to try them at home, especially the front door decor 🙂

  3. I used to only care about Christmas decorations. As I have gotten a little older though, decorating for every season has started to appeal to me so much!

  4. Halloween is fast approaching and these are amazing ideas! I am not sure if I can throw up a Halloween decoration though. Maybe my sister will, she’s our creative being at the house. haha

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