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Explore & Learn Labs With KinderCare

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It seems like forever ago, but I remember like it was yesterday when Jason and I were on the hunt for a preschool for Ryder. He was only a year old at the time, when the moms in our music class started talking about interviews they had arranged at various schools. Being new to the game, it was overwhelming to say the least; and this was 10 years ago, so there weren’t even as many education options to choose from. If I knew then what I know now, our search for schools would have been a much smoother process.

Explore & Learn Labs With KinderCare

For the next few months, I will be partnering with KinderCare to spread the word about their newest Learning Center opening right in Tribeca! In the past few weeks, I’ve been working closely with them to learn about their programs and approach to childhood early education, and I have to say, I wish they were around when my kids were starting school.

Explore & Learn Labs With KinderCareExplore & Learn Labs With KinderCareExplore & Learn Labs With KinderCare

KinderCare offers an innovative curriculum that models a “whole-child” approach and is purposefully designed to meet children where they are in their development, help build confidence and lay the foundation for life-long learning. I can say from experience this approach is super important.

For the three years that Ryder was in preschool, I took him to outside speech and psychical therapy to address his delays. His teachers kept telling me he was fine, but I persisted. By the time he reached kindergarten, he was super delayed, so I could only imagine how bad it would have been if he hadn’t already received additional help.

This is exactly why choosing an early childhood education center with properly trained staff is critical. KinderCare Learning Centers devote more time and resources to teacher training than any other childcare provider.

Explore & Learn Labs With KinderCare Explore & Learn Labs With KinderCare Explore & Learn Labs With KinderCare
KinderCare guides children through a research-based standards and assessments along six developmental domains: Language and Literacy, Executive Function, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Cognitive and Creative Expression.
When I first heard about KinderCare opening in my neighborhood, I was bummed that my children were too old, but I learned that KinderCare is not just for little ones. They also offer after school enrichment programs for children in kindergarten through sixth grades at various center locations around the country. I would especially be interested in their STEM programs for my older two kids.
Explore & Learn Labs With KinderCare
Explore & Learn Labs With KinderCare

This past weekend, I hosted a fun workshop at KinderCare’s Tribeca Learning Center for children ages three to five years old. I borrowed a project that I remember Gemma loved doing last year in her art class, and brought it to life at KinderCare Tribeca.

To start, I read a book, called the Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister to the toddlers. The message of this simple story is centered around a beautiful fish who learns to make friends by sharing, while showing how everyone is different along the way. Using the story as a model, I asked the kiddies to make their own rainbow fish. We had pre-cut fish shapes out of a white paper plate, and then cut up tissue paper in an array of colors to represent the different fish scales. We glued the squares on their fish and added some eyes.

The craft and family day of exploring was a huge success, and everyone at KinderCare loved the premise since teaching kindness to children is one of the fundamentals taught at their centers.

Explore & Learn Labs With KinderCare

Encouraging you all to check out KinderCare Learning Centers, to see all they have to offer! Check out the Tribeca Learning center here, plus find any locations near you.

photo credit: Amy Sussman

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11 thoughts on “Explore & Learn Labs With KinderCare”

  1. This is so great! We need so much more of this for our kids. The key to making good students is making learning fun early.

  2. Kindercare sounds great! That’s the kind of environment that creates children who have a life-long love of learning. I love it.

  3. It is so hard to find a place that you can trust with our children. I think the foundation and skills kids learn early on can be so helpful so this center sounds so effective

  4. I agree, the STEM program for older kids would interest me too. i’m going to click over and see if there is one near us.

  5. Annemarie LeBlanc

    My grandchildren would love this! I like to take them to participate in activities that would boost their creativity and improve their fine motor skills too. I wish we lived closer to NYC though!

  6. We just heard there’s one coming to our town. If only they had arrived about 10 years earlier – we would’ve been first in line!

  7. Oh my gosh Kindercare is still around??? My cousin use to go there for his pre-K when he was 4 that was almost 30 years ago!

  8. I love the idea behind Kindercare! A great place to learn and have fun doing that! Great building blocks of education for young kids.

  9. Olivia S Douglass

    This looks like a great place for kids to go!! We don’t have one near us but I used to baby sit a little girl while in college that went to KinderCare!

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